Genomics Comprehensive Nursing Paper Example

Genomics Comprehensive Nursing Paper Example

Changes in DNA sequence increase the risk of heart complications, such as familial dilated cardiomyopathy. Craig et al. (2021) explain that mispairing DNA bases can cause DNA replication errors, resulting in gene expression like TTN, predisposing individuals to familial dilated cardiomyopathy. Mutagens, such as radiation, can also cause DNA replication errors, including interfering with the roles of DNA-repair enzymes in rectifying the replication errors (Henpita et al., 2023). During mutation, the nucleotide sequence in the DNA is replaced with another or deleted, changing the DNA sequence. In this case, the incorrect insertion or deletion of complementary bases by DNA polymerase during DNA replication causes a mutation in genes like MYBPC3, ACE, and TTN. Zaklyazminskaya et al. (2019) observe that the TTN gene encodes for titin, such that any form of mutation on the gene results in the improper development of heart muscle structures, leading to overdilation of the muscles and chambers of the heart.(Genomics Comprehensive Nursing Paper Example)

Genomics Comprehensive Nursing Paper Example
Genomics Comprehensive Nursing Paper Example 1

Consequently, DNA recombination errors can also cause changes in DNA sequence, leading to the expression of TTN genes (Glick & Patten, 2022). DNA recombination involves the exchange of genetic material between homologous chromosomes, which later alters the base pair arrangement forming the individual’s DNA sequence. Glick and Patten (2022) illustrate that recombination occurs in prophase I of the meiosis process of cell division when cells are copying themselves. In this case, unequal crossing over during recombination may delete or duplicate nucleotide sequences on the homologous chromosomes, causing changes in DNA sequence and gene structure (Glick & Patten, 2022). Therefore, these changes in DNA sequence predispose individuals to genes responsible for heart diseases, such as TTN genes, leading to the development of familial dilated cardiomyopathy.(Genomics Comprehensive Nursing Paper Example)

Genomics Comprehensive Nursing Paper Example
Genomics Comprehensive Nursing Paper Example


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