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Sociology Review Essay Example

Sears, A. & Cairns, J. 2015. A Good Book, In Theory: Making Sense Through Inquiry, third edition, University of Toronto Press

Please Read Chapters 5 & 6, then follow the Review Guidelines

(Review Guidelines For Sears & Cairns, A Good Book, In Theory )

To read critically is to make judgments about how a text is argued. This is a highly reflective skill requiring you to “stand back” and gain some distance from the text you are reading. You might have to read a text through once to get a basic grasp of content before you launch into intensive critical reading. Don’t just look for isolated facts and examples, no matter how interesting they may be. Look for the large patterns that give purpose, order, and meaning to the examples used by the author(s). The opening sentences of paragraphs can be important to this task. THE KEY IS THIS: Read looking for ways of thinking about the subject matter. Don’t read looking only or primarily for information. When you are reading, highlighting, or taking notes, avoid extracting and compiling lists of evidence, lists of facts and examples. Avoid approaching a text by asking “What information can I get out of it?” Rather ask “How does this text work? How is it argued? How is the evidence (the facts, examples, etc.) used and interpreted? How does the text reach its conclusions? Note those places in a text where an author states assumptions, defines the concepts she/he uses and/or how she/he uses them, how she/he arrives at conclusions and explains her/his analysis.(Sociology Review Essay Example)

1. What is(are) the topic(s) of each chapter? Determine the central claims or purpose of the chapter by describing what is covered. Also, note the thesis or thesis statement(s). Give specific page numbers where you locate specific points. Note and highlight the key terms and ideas in the chapter(s). Find definitions/usages for terms; that is, explain the term and/or idea and give specific examples. Don’t just provide a list, but rather note the terms and include an example in your notation. For the “Preface” provide a summary and ignore 2 and 3 below.

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2. Identify the conclusion or goal of the chapter(s)? If you quote directly from a source, use the quotation critically. This means that you should not substitute the quotation for your own articulation of a point. Rather, introduce the quotation by laying out the judgments you are making about it, and the reasons why you are using it. Often a quotation is followed by some further analysis.

3. Respond to the “thinking points” presented in the chapter. (At least one for each chapter). Note that a list of these is found on the page (vii.) after the contents. Respond to the prompt or the questions in the “thinking point;” you may use personal examples or anecdotes when applicable. When you begin to think about how you might respond to a portion of a text – where you find a thinking point or an argument – try to remain aware of how this “thinking point” fits into the argument made in the text from which it is taken. Whenever possible, apply this to an experience in your life. If there is no “thinking point,” you may omit this item.

Conclude your submission with a complete bibliographic reference to the text.

Attachments are CH5 AND CH6 as screenshots FROM THE BOOK

Also, I have attached the Grading Rubric

Reviewing sociology questions can be a valuable exercise to enhance your understanding of sociological concepts and theories. Here are some steps to effectively review sociology questions:

  1. Gather the Questions: Collect a set of sociology questions from your textbook, class notes, or any other relevant sources. Ensure that the questions cover a variety of topics within sociology to gain a comprehensive understanding.(Sociology Review Essay Example)
  2. Create a Study Environment: Find a quiet and comfortable space where you can concentrate without distractions. Gather your study materials, such as textbooks, notes, and any additional resources that might be helpful during the review.
  3. Read the Questions Carefully: Before attempting to answer the questions, read each question thoroughly. Pay attention to keywords and phrases that might guide you in formulating your response. Identify the main topic or theme of the question.
  4. Recall Relevant Concepts: Take a moment to recall the relevant sociological concepts and theories related to each question. It’s essential to have a good grasp of the subject matter to provide accurate and well-informed answers.(Sociology Review Essay Example)
  5. Analyze the Questions: Identify the type of question being asked. Is it a factual question that requires you to recall information, a conceptual question that requires understanding a theory, or an application-based question that demands real-life examples or analysis?(Sociology Review Essay Example)
  6. Formulate Your Answers: Based on your understanding of the concepts, start formulating your answers. Be clear, concise, and organized in your response. When appropriate, provide evidence, examples, or references to support your points.(Sociology Review Essay Example)
  7. Refer to Resources: If you encounter questions you find challenging, don’t hesitate to refer back to your textbooks, lecture notes, or other reliable sources. Research and expand your knowledge to strengthen your responses.(Sociology Review Essay Example)
  8. Check for Accuracy and Clarity: Review your answers to ensure they are accurate and relevant to the questions. Check for any grammatical errors or unclear explanations that might need improvement.(Sociology Review Essay Example)
  9. Ask for Feedback: If you’re studying with a group or under the guidance of a professor, consider sharing your answers and asking for feedback. Peer review can be helpful in gaining different perspectives and catching any errors you might have missed.(Sociology Review Essay Example)
  10. Reflect on Mistakes: If you make mistakes, don’t get discouraged. Use them as learning opportunities. Identify the areas where you need improvement and make a note to revisit those topics later.
  11. Review Regularly: Sociology is a vast and complex field, so periodic review is essential to reinforce your knowledge. Schedule regular review sessions and practice with new questions to strengthen your understanding over time.(Sociology Review Essay Example)
  12. Stay Engaged: Actively engage with the material rather than just memorizing information. Understand the underlying principles and how they apply to real-world situations. This will make your understanding more robust and useful in various contexts.(Sociology Review Essay Example)
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Remember that reviewing sociology questions is an ongoing process. The more you engage with the subject matter, the better your comprehension and retention will be. Stay curious, and don’t hesitate to explore additional resources to deepen your knowledge of sociology.(Sociology Review Essay Example)

Sociology Review Essay Example


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