Reverse Outline

Reverse Outline

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There are many approaches to taking reverse-outline notes.

The common traits of all reverse outlining strategies are:

Your approach can change depending on several factors:

In the attached document, I give you my preferences for a situation in which you:

  • Must take separate notes (not in the margins)
  • Do not yet have plans for how you will use the information (If you did, you could safely skip taking notes on paragraphs that weren’t applicable to your purposes.)
  • Are interested in the organizational structure
  1. Read Reverse Outlining as a Note-Taking Strategy. It is both a model and your instructions.
  2. Read the article “Baccalaureate Nurses and Hospital Outcomes” attached above.
  3. Create a reverse outline of the article.
  4. (Don’t forget the author, title, year at the top and the reflection on the bottom. More points get lost that way!)
  5. Save (with your last name) and submit.

Reverse Outline-Sample Solution

Baccalaureate Nurses and Hospital Outcomes: More Evidence, Linda H. Aiken, 2014


  1. The American Nursing Association requires nurses to obtain a baccalaureate degree in nursing (BSN).(Reverse outline essay example)
  • Although the US having the most educated nursing workforce, about two-thirds of the nurses enter the profession without baccalaureate degrees.
  • THESIS: The article aims to determine whether potential employees prefer nurses with baccalaureate degrees due to quality healthcare and improved patient outcomes.
  1. Healthcare services research has redefined the BSN degree program as a modifiable property of the healthcare sector.
  • Research indicates that increased BSN staff leads to improved quality care and decreased adverse events such as deaths.
  • Therefore, the ANA supports BSN as a suitable qualification for nurses.
  • More evidence-based information show that BSN nurses elicit better patient outcomes
  • Besides the US and Canada, research in European countries and China also approves that BSN nurses have better patient outcomes.
  • Hospitals with more BSN nurses perform better than those that have less
  • (Reverse outline essay example)
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  1. The 2010 Institute of Medicine (IOM) report on the future of nursing called for the need to increase the number of BSN nurses to 80% by 2020.
  • The target was daunting since BSN nurses were unequally distributed by geography showing variations in different states’ support for advanced nursing education.
  • Some states had to employ about 78% of BSN nurses from 2006 to 2020 to achieve the target.
  • Therefore, hospitals encountered problems employing more working force BSNs qualifications due to competition among healthcare facilities and states.
  1. Notably, many publications have been made to encourage the transition to the BSN nursing workforce.
  • Researchers use BSN nurses’ clinical assessments to determine their quality of services.
  • Data from electronic health records has been instrumental in advancing research.
  • BSN nurses have been associated with reduced mortality rates
  • Evidence-based research has been used to portray the association between baccalaureate nursing education and patient outcomes.
  • However, some research findings are controversial to some stakeholders
  • In this case, researchers use different study designs to address similar questions and justify their results.
  • Null findings are likely to discount the existing body of rigorous research.
  • Thus, findings from multiple research works on the association between BSN nurses and patient outcomes are instrumental in advancing research on nursing education and patient outcomes.
  • (Reverse outline essay example)


  1. The article provides evidence-based information that the employment of BSN nurses has financial benefits to healthcare organizations and health insurance coverage entities, not to mention improved patient outcomes.
  • Examination of the benefits of employment in a BSN workforce is complex since fewer BSN-qualified nurses can provide the adequate data needed.
  • Of importance, the examination of BSN nurses in the care of the specific patient has allowed researchers to gain insights into sensitive information that affects patient outcomes.
  • Reduced hospital readmissions and prolonged hospital stays have been associated with patients that receive 80% or more of care from qualified BSN nurses.
  1. Healthcare facilities obtain immense economic benefits from employing a BSN workforce.
  • Research shows that hospitals with 80% or more BSN workforce can save about 5.6 million annually.
  • Reduced prolonged hospital stays and readmission lead to lower healthcare costs.
  • Despite paying high salaries to BSN nurses, savings that come with reduced hospital infections and improved patient outcomes lead to more savings.
  • The article provides accurate information by describing BSN nurse care strategies for a particular patient.
  • However, the data information in the article may have some inconsistencies since electronic health records systems are still evolving and need vital nursing care information.
  1. Some of the research work cited in this article is instrumental in comprehending the relationship between nursing education and economic and patient outcomes.
  • For instance, research by Yakusheva will stimulate more research to advance nursing education and policies that govern the nursing workforce.
  • BSN nurse workforce transition will improve the quality of care and improve patient outcomes
  • (Reverse outline essay example)
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Reflection: I support the article’s claims that advanced nursing education aid in improving the quality of care and patient outcomes. Baccalaureate degree programs improve nurses’ knowledge, skills, and competency during clinical care. Notably, BSN nurses participate in research on best care practices and strategies to address current and future nursing challenges through evidence-based practice. Evidence-based practice reduces medical errors that lead to readmissions and prolonged hospital stays, increasing healthcare costs. As such, BSN nurses offer best practices that reduce healthcare costs and make healthcare affordable for the community. The government formulates policies and offers incentives to foster advanced nursing degrees.

  1. (Reverse outline essay example)

Reverse outline essay example

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