Psoriasis – KM is a 38-year-old white woman with a 6-year history of psoriasis – Solution

psoriasis Case Study Sample

  1. KM is a 38-year-old white woman with a 6-year history of psoriasis. Her family history includes allergies and asthma and her mother with psoriasis. KM returns today for an increase in symptoms, and she wants to improve the appearance of her skin. Please discuss the following:
  2. Define, Compare and Contrast the following conditions:
    • Fibrocystic breast disease
    • Fibroadenoma
    • Malignant breast tumor

Submission Instructions:

  • Your initial post should be at least 500 words, formatted and cited in proper current APA style with support from at least 2 academic sources. Your initial post is worth 8 points.

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KM is a 38-year-old white woman with a 6-year history of psoriasis
KM is a 38-year-old white woman with a 6-year history of psoriasis


Psoriasis is a skin disorder that causes red, itchy patches on the skin. It can be very frustrating to deal with, and can be hard to treat. However, there are many ways to help manage Psoriasis.

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It is caused by an autoimmune response in the body, which produces skin cells that grow uncontrollably and form large, red patches on the skin. Psoriasis can be quite challenging to treat and can severely impact quality of life. There are a number of different treatments available, but most patients require continuous treatment over a long period of time.

If you are affected by psoriasis, you may find the following tips helpful:

-Stay active

Exercise can help to maintain your overall health and reduce inflammation in the body, which is important for treating psoriasis.

Fibrocystic breast disease

Fibrocystic breast disease (FBCD) is a common disorder that affects the breasts. It’s a benign condition marked by the presence of small, cystic lumps on the breast tissue. These lumps can be painful and may cause difficulty breathing. FBCD is most commonly seen in women between the ages of 35 and 50, but it can also occur at any age.

There’s no known cause for FBCD, but it appears to be linked to an underlying problem with the way the female hormone estrogen works in the body. In women with FBCD, estrogen levels are high but not evenly distributed throughout the body. This imbalance may cause the formation of cysts on areas where estrogen is abundant, such as the breasts.

There is no cure for FBCD, but treatment options include medication and surgery. Medications used to treat FBCD include birth control pills and hormonal therapy. Surgery options include mastectomy (removal of all or part of the breast) and lumpectomy (removal of just a small piece of breast tissue).

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Related FAQs

1. What is the major cause of psoriasis?

Psoriasis occurs when skin cells are replaced more quickly than usual. It’s not known exactly why this happens, but research suggests it’s caused by a problem with the immune system. Your body produces new skin cells in the deepest layer of skin.

2. What is the main treatment for psoriasis?

Topical therapy. Corticosteroids. These drugs are the most frequently prescribed medications for treating mild to moderate psoriasis. They are available as oils, ointments, creams, lotions, gels, foams, sprays and shampoos

3. What do psoriasis looks like?

Psoriasis tends to be pink or red on people with light or fair skin tones, with silvery-white scale. On medium skin tones, it can appear salmon-colored with silvery-white scale. On darker skin tones, the psoriasis could look violet, brown, or reddish brown often with light-colored or grayish-colored plaques.

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4. What are the 7 types of psoriasis?

7 Types of Psoriasis

  • Types of Psoriasis.
  • Plaque Psoriasis.
  • Guttate Psoriasis.
  • Pustular Psoriasis.
  • Inverse Psoriasis.
  • Erythrodermic Psoriasis.

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