Advanced registered nursing graduates are entering the profession at dynamic time when roles and scope of practice are shifting based on developments in legislation and policy in response to the evolving needs of the health care system. Professional nursing organizations play an important role in making sure the perspectives of advanced registered nurses are heard, and in supporting nurse specialties in their efforts to expand their scope of practice and their full participation throughout the health care system.

For this assignment, you will conduct research on the current scope of practice for your specialty and efforts that are being made to expand that scope and the role of the advanced registered nurse in positively influencing the health care system. Write a 1,250-1,500 word paper that includes the following:

  1. A discussion of the scope of your future role as an advanced registered nurse, including any regulatory, certification, or accreditation agencies that define that scope.
  2. A discussion of three professional nursing organizations that you think are most influential in advancing the scope and influence of advanced nursing. Of these organizations, evaluate the one that you would most like to join. How do its goals and mission fit in with your worldview and philosophy of care? How might membership in this organization improve your practice?
  3. A discussion of a controversial or evolving issue that is most likely to affect your scope of practice or role in the next few years. How do you think this issue could influence the profession and other stakeholders and why does it matter to the advanced registered nurse?

You are required to cite five to 10 sources to complete this assignment. Sources must be published within the last 5 years and appropriate for the assignment criteria and nursing content.

Complete the “APA Writing Checklist” to ensure that your paper adheres to APA style and formatting criteria and general guidelines for academic writing. Include the completed checklist as an appendix at the end of your paper.

Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center.

This assignment uses a rubric. Please review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion.

You are required to submit this assignment to LopesWrite. A link to the LopesWrite technical support articles is located in Class Resources if you need assistance.

Benchmark Information 

This benchmark assignment assesses the following programmatic competencies: 


MSN-Nursing Education; MSN-Acute Care Nurse Practitioner-Adult-Gerontology; MSN-Family Nurse Practitioner; MSN-Health Informatics; MSN-Health Care Quality and Patient Safety; MSN-Leadership in Health Care Systems; MSN-Public Health Nursing

5.3 Evaluate professional organizations and activities that improve one’s practice and influence advanced nursing practice.


MSN-APA Writing Checklist-Student.docx


Rubric Criteria

Expand All Rubric CriteriaExpand All

The Scope of Future Role as an Advanced Registered Nurse

44 points

Three Influential Professional Nursing Organizations

33 points

Most Appealing Professional Organization (B)

33 points

Controversial or Evolving Issue Most Likely to Impact Scope of Practice or Role

33 points

Required Sources

6.6 points


4.4 points

Thesis, Position, or Purpose

15.4 points

Development, Structure, and Conclusion

17.6 points


11 points

Mechanics of Writing

11 points

Documentation of Sources

11 points

Total220 points

NUR 513 ESSAY-sample solution

NUR 513 Essay: Personal Worldview

Personal worldview encompasses basic assumptions and concepts people have of the world. It offers structure to people’s thoughts, influences their actions, and answers core issues, including finding meaning and purpose in life, perception of good and evil, and the belief in a higher power. It also accounts for most of a person’s identity, including their political identity. Worldviews are highly dependent on religion, culture, and spirituality. This paper discusses personal worldview, a nursing theory that aligns with it, examples in practice of an individual’s philosophy and nursing theory, and how the worldview and the nursing theory can help future practice development.(Personal Worldview Essay Example)

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Personal Worldview

Christianity, family values and practices, life experience, and the American culture greatly influence my worldview. Christianity is central to my values, beliefs, and practices, and my spirituality is based on the Christian faith and doctrine. There is a definite way Christians view things, which possesses character, coherence, and unity and sharply contrasts with other religions, theories, and speculations (Dockery et al., 2022). The Christian worldview is founded on a universal principle, and it is all-embracing, shaping multiple other fields, including law, history, arts, humanities, social sciences, and general application in life (Flanagan, 2020). I have applied the Christian worldview across the educational curriculum, including how I interpret and interact with course concepts, how faith is woven into each learning area, and understanding God’s purpose in my academic success.(Personal Worldview Essay Example)

Moreover, the Christian worldview challenges how I view the truth and morality and interpret frameworks, including the teaching of Christ. Per Christ’s teachings, love is the greatest commandment, and as a Christian, I am expected to love others with all my heart, soul, and mind as I love myself because God’s love for people is unconditional (Rieg et al., 2019). I follow Jesus’ footsteps, striving to embrace his life on earth, including loving my enemies. Loving others unconditionally has been instrumental in shaping my relationship with others, including patients and colleagues at the practice site. I am also taught to care for others and extend a helping hand where I can. I adopt these principles when caring for patients, treating everyone with dignity and respect.(Personal Worldview Essay Example)

My spirituality is founded on the Christian faith. It informs my meaning in life, belonging, forgiveness, and connectedness. I have struggled sometimes to find meaning in life, experiencing spiritual distress, but I find comfort within Christian teachings and principles. I adapt my spirituality to relieve suffering from others and myself, especially patients who indicate signs of spiritual distress (Wisconsin Technical College, 2023). Christianity does not create a diversion from other people or faiths but encourages acceptance, making it possible to utilize my spirituality to empower another individual’s spirituality, even when it’s different from mine, without conflict (Dockery et al., 2022). The basic principles of my spirituality are treating everyone with inherent dignity, respect, and worth, which applies to all forms of spirituality. My spirituality allows me to treat others compassionately and provide holistic care to promote physical, emotional, social, religious, and spiritual well-being. Conclusively, my spirituality informs my approach to care.

Furthermore, cultural elements in my worldview have roots in my family background. My parents taught me to respect others and treat everyone indifferently. These aspects have been significant in helping me develop and experience relationships with self, family, friends, colleagues, patients, community, and nature. The cultural values and practices learned from my family have shaped how I view the world, places to find meaning in life, and understanding of suffering, illness, and life in general. These values have informed my vision and mission in life, including what I aspire to be in the near future as a friend, parent, practitioner, and spouse. I intend to continue utilizing these aspects of religion, spirituality, and culture in practice and patient care.(Personal Worldview Essay Example)

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Nursing Theory that Aligns with Personal Philosophy

Jean Watson’s Theory of Human Caring aligns with my philosophy of practice and approach to patient care. I adopt this theory as it embraces the positive energy flow from an intertwined mind, body, and spirit, mutually rewarding to the healthcare provider and the patient. The theory stresses that the nurse’s central role is to be at the heart of healing, maintaining an authentic presence and intentionality to optimize the patient’s capacity to heal from within (Gunawan et al., 2022). The theory, like my personal philosophy, stresses the need for holistic care, which involves catering to the patient’s physical, emotional, psychological, religious, and spiritual needs (Nikfarid et al., 2019). Determinately, the theory guides me in maintaining emotional sensitivity and a caring attitude in an overly demanding and stressful workplace.

I value caring for others because it helps regenerate life energies that potentiate my compassion capacity. Caring for others also helps me toward self-actualization, individually and professionally, which is also a concept of the theory of human caring. I am selfless, but I also understand that I should embrace self-care to care for others effectively, which Watson’s theory promotes. It encourages nurses to self-heal by adopting self-care strategies to rejuvenate their energies and replenish the spiritual bank (Gunawan et al., 2022). Conclusively, most of the human caring principles align with my nursing practice philosophy and reinforce my approach to care.(Personal Worldview Essay Example)

A Specific Example of a Past Practice and How My Worldview and The Nursing Theory Could Assist Me in Resolving This Issue

My life experiences impact my philosophy and view of the world. My life has been eventful, and one particular example I would use would be watching a patient’s health deteriorate on my watch even after adopting almost entirely available interventions. It does not happen often, but I have had these experiences throughout my career. The scenario included a patient who presented with symptoms of kidney failure and abdominal edema. The patient experienced excess swelling as the kidney could not remove the excess fluid from the body. The condition was significant, and we started the patient on medication to alleviate the abdominal swelling. It was impossible to carry out a biopsy before addressing the excessive swelling. However, as the patient received treatment, she experienced more complications, including blood clots that made her veins swell and her body unable to regulate potassium and phosphorus levels. This experience was distressing, and I felt inadequate because nothing we did seemed to work. My Christian worldview is fundamental in such cases of distress as it helps alleviate the distress and maintain a positive attitude, giving the patient hope for a better outcome. The human caring theory requires nurses to be present emotionally and maintain intentionality, which is integral in helping the patient heal from within (Gunawan et al., 2022). These principles would encourage me to be there for the patient regardless of her response to treatment.

How My Worldview and The Nursing Theory Will Assist in Further Developing My Future Practice

My primary goals as a nurse are to provide quality patient care, optimize current patient care approaches and practices, and advocate for more holistic and individualized patient care. These goals call for high moral values, a positive attitude, compassion, respect for patients and colleagues, and individual discipline, principles I can borrow from my philosophy. A nurse must be empathetic, compassionate, and caring to advocate for patients. Moreover, nurses should be emotionally and physically present to understand patient needs, promote patient-centered care, and support them through their difficult journey. The theory of human caring will help actualize these goals as it provides principles that promote human caring, including practicing loving kindness with self and others, inspiring and honoring others, nurturing individual beliefs, listening authentically, accepting positive and negative feelings, and creating a healing environment (Gunawan et al., 2022). I also expect to continue developing my career readiness and professional experience. Continuing education is integral in improving patient care practice. I will continue to embrace my philosophy, which is highly guided by the Christian worldview, and Jean Watson’s theory of human caring in my current and future practice.

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Personal worldview provides a structure of reasoning and action and influences relationships in the practice environment. I base my philosophy on the Christian worldview, faith, and family values I learned from my parents. Further, Jean Watson’s theory significantly aligns with my philosophy of practice and patient care and reinforces my approach to care. My philosophy and the theory of human caring are integral to my individual and professional development and will continue to shape the course of my future practice.(Personal Worldview Essay Example)

Personal Worldview Essay Example


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Wisconsin Technical College. (2023). 18.2 basic concepts – Nursing fundamentals. WI Technical Colleges Open Press – Publishing open resources for students.

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