nursing conceptual model and nursing theory

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Nursing theories and models essay-example


In this assignment, you will explore the fundamental aspects of nursing conceptual models and nursing theories. You will learn about their significance in the nursing profession, their applications in healthcare settings, and how they contribute to the development of nursing knowledge and practice. By the end of this assignment, you will have a comprehensive understanding of nursing conceptual models and theories and their relevance in providing high-quality patient care.(Nursing theories and models essay-example)

Part 1: Nursing Conceptual Model

  1. Define Nursing Conceptual Model: Explain what a nursing conceptual model is and its purpose in nursing practice. Discuss how conceptual models help nurses to understand the essence of nursing, guide their practice, and influence patient outcomes.(Nursing theories and models essay-example)
  2. Select a Nursing Conceptual Model: Choose one nursing conceptual model (e.g., Orem’s Self-Care Deficit Nursing Theory, Roy’s Adaptation Model, etc.). Describe the selected model, including its key concepts, assumptions, and how it is applied in nursing care.
  3. Application of Nursing Conceptual Model: Provide examples of how the selected nursing conceptual model is used in real-life nursing scenarios. Discuss how nurses can utilize the model to assess patient needs, plan interventions, and evaluate the effectiveness of care provided.(Nursing theories and models essay-example)

Part 2: Nursing Theory

  1. Define Nursing Theory: Explain what nursing theory is and its role in advancing the nursing profession. Discuss how nursing theories contribute to evidence-based practice, research, and education.
  2. Select a Nursing Theory: Choose one nursing theory (e.g., Peplau’s Interpersonal Relations Theory, Nightingale’s Environmental Theory, etc.). Describe the selected theory, including its core principles, major components, and its significance in shaping nursing practice.
  3. Application of Nursing Theory: Provide examples of how the selected nursing theory can be applied in various clinical settings. Discuss how it enhances patient care, improves nurse-patient interactions, and influences decision-making in complex healthcare situations.

Part 3: Integrating Nursing Conceptual Models and Theories

  1. Compare and Contrast: Compare the similarities and differences between the nursing conceptual model and the nursing theory you have chosen. Highlight how they complement each other and contribute to a holistic understanding of nursing practice.
  2. Importance in Evidence-Based Practice: Explain how integrating nursing conceptual models and theories supports evidence-based practice in nursing. Discuss how this integration helps nurses make informed decisions about patient care and improve patient outcomes.
  3. Personal Reflection: Reflect on the significance of nursing conceptual models and theories in your future nursing practice. Discuss how learning about these models and theories has impacted your understanding of nursing and your role as a future nurse.

Conclusion: Summarize the key points discussed in the assignment, emphasizing the importance of nursing conceptual models and theories in nursing practice. Emphasize how these models and theories contribute to the development of nursing knowledge and the provision of quality patient care

Discuss the difference between a nursing conceptual model and a nursing theory. Select a nursing theory used in health care and provide a concise summary of it. Provide an example of how this nursing theory would be effective in managing client care.(Nursing theories and models essay-example)

Nursing theories and models essay-example

Nursing theories and models are different concepts but are often interrelated. In this case, a theory is a proposition or an abstraction that attempts to explain a specific phenomenon. Nursing theories provide assumptions and concepts aimed at improving the nursing profession. On the contrary, a conceptual model is a framework spelling the ways to approach specific situations in the nursing profession. Nursing conceptual models provide ideas and directions about the state of events in the nursing profession. Thus, conceptual models allow nurses to be fully informed on vital aspects and their relationship in the nursing profession. Of importance, nursing theories and conceptual models are crucial for nurses to offer quality, effective patient management.(Nursing theories and models essay-example)

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Notably, Florence Nightingale’s Environmental Theory is one of the most crucial theories in effective patient management. Florence Nightingale was the mother of nursing as she pioneered nursing theories. Nightingale’s theory asserted that the environment was a significant determinant of patients’ health outcomes. The theory asserts that the environment comprises external factors influencing the patients’ physiologic and biological processes contributing to health. The theory identified five environmental factors crucial to restoring a patient’s health. Patients’ environments should have fresh air, efficient drainage, light/direct sunlight, cleanliness/sanitation, and pure water (Hussain & Karim, 2020).(Nursing theories and models essay-example)

Florence Nightingale’s Environmental Theory is instrumental in managing patients in any healthcare setting. For instance, the theory is crucial in providing cleanliness/sanitation in intensive care units by maintaining sterile working fields and observing the antiseptic techniques to prevent cross-infections from one patient to another or even to the ICU staff (Gilbert, 2020). Secondly, providing a clean environment, pure food, and water are vital to prevent infections in the surgical wards. Adequate ventilation of patient rooms offers clean air, and disinfection of patient rooms /beds helps to provide a conducive environment for the patient’s recovery. (Nursing theories and models essay-example)

Nursing theories and models essay-example


Gilbert, H. A. (2020). Florence Nightingale’s Environmental Theory and its influence on contemporary infection control. Collegian27(6), 626-633.

Hussain, A., & Karim, K. (2020). Enhancing Patient’s Surrounding: Application of Nightingale’s Environmental Theory into Nursing Practice. i-Manager’s Journal on Nursing10(1), 45.

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