8-2 Discussion: As a Leader, How Well Do You Follow?-leadership style scores-Nursing Paper Examples

Leadership Style Scores-Nursing Paper Examples

After answering the followership style questions, my scores indicate 44 in independent thinking and 46 in active engagement (SNHU, 2023). I agree with the findings, considering that I often make personal decisions and judgments, only seeking the input of others to help in assessing the choices and potential outcomes. However, the active engagement scores should be higher considering that I also engage actively in class, groups, and even when interacting with others at the workplace. Besides, the perpendicular graph lines for the independent thinking and active engagement scores indicate that I am an exemplary leader (Leadership Style Scores-Nursing Paper Examples).

leadership style scores-Nursing Paper Examples
leadership style scores-Nursing Paper Examples

I agree with the score, considering that I often aim to become a good leader and role model to the people around me by inspiring and motivating them to become better individuals (Ziyayev, 2021). I also believe that collaboration is key to the success of every individual; hence, I would often actively involve others to facilitate the achievement of goals and develop trust. Kouzes and Posner (2023) argue that trustful relationships are necessary for collaboration, especially when working on class projects or part-time jobs. Learning and sharing ideas with others helps build my potential and abilities(Leadership Style Scores-Nursing Paper Examples).

Moreover, my exemplary leadership skills have enabled me to be flexible in navigating challenges at work and with my studies. For instance, I positively inspired my workmates to embrace the new manager, who employed an autocratic leadership style in managing the organization (Leadership Style Scores-Nursing Paper Examples).

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I encouraged them to maintain enthusiasm and adapt to the new leadership style for their benefit and that of the company. Being an independent thinker requires evaluation of every perspective of the situation to ensure that the final decision aligns with the interests of the employees and the organization (Kouzes & Posner, 2023). Thus, independent thinking, active engagement, and exemplary leadership skills are necessary for effective leadership (Leadership Style Scores-Nursing Paper Examples).


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