Week 6 assignment

Week 6 assignments instructions and templates attached. Literature review paper is to be done from the 8 chosen articles from week 5. Paper should be 1000 words. The reflective journal does not need references/sources. Please do not go over the word count highlighted on the template. I will lose points if it is over.

Week 6 assignment-Sample Solution

Professional Capstone & Practicum Reflective Journal

Improving General-Population Health Essay-Sample

Week 6- Population Health Concerns

Professional Practice related to Population Health Concerns

Through a variety of methods, such as disease prevention, disease screening, and disease treatment, public health aims to improve the general health of the population. It also monitors and makes changes to the environmental, social, economic, and political environments to promote better public health. In addition to providing a scientifically based solution to health issues, public health work involves preventing injuries and educating the populace about behaviors that contribute to poor health, such as smoking, inactivity, unhealthy alcohol consumption, workplace injuries, seatbelt safety, radon safety, and food safety.(Improving General-Population Health Essay-Sample)

Personal Strengths and / or Weaknesses related to Population Health Concerns

            Based on my understanding of the practice environment and patient populations, environmental quality (clean air, water, and food), sanitation, climate change, health equity, health reform, access to healthcare, tobacco use and exposure, mental health, injury, and violence, physical activity, nutrition, obesity, and immunization are some of the common public health issues and concerns. I have an in-depth understanding of these concerns and how they affect different patient populations. The comprehension allows me, as a nurse, to contribute meaningfully to solutions to address public health issues.(Improving General-Population Health Essay-Sample)

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Additional Resources related to Population Health Concerns

            Building a healthy population depends on effective public health departments. When tackling public health challenges, better coordination and less service fragmentation are likely to produce better results. In order to fully address public health issues, adequate funding for public health institutions and specialists is essential. Additionally, expanding research into public health systems and services is essential for enhancing public health performance.(Improving General-Population Health Essay-Sample)

Improving General-Population Health Essay-Sample



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