Capstone assignments

This is the weekly assignment posts for week 8, 9, and 10. It should be about 200 -250 words, single-space and cite 1 to 2 sources for each topic. Also, I included some of my thought for the answers. Please keep it in simple format.

Solution:Importance of nursing staff availability to project sustainability

Topic 9 DQ 1

A personal strength would be a detail orientation, and a weakness would be public speaking and making professional presentations. Being detail-oriented means paying close attention to every small element or particular when doing an assignment, task, or project (Chicago State University, 2019). My presentations pay attention to small details, including the instructions shared by the instructor or the format required to complete the presentation(Importance of nursing staff availability to project sustainability). The aim is to complete the presentation flawlessly before presenting it to the audience. Being detail-oriented means presenting high-quality work with minimal or no errors. Strategies to improve orientation to detail include being more organized, writing everything down, tracking time, communicating effectively, and always proofreading after completing the task (Chicago State University, 2019). I always find ways to finish creating the presentation efficiently.(Importance of nursing staff availability to project sustainability)

Before and during presentations, I experience debilitating anxiety and slight nervousness about facing the public. I do not like being the center of attention, and public speaking creates the ancient fear of being watched by the public. Understanding the topic better, getting organized, practicing the presentation in front of friends or a mirror, focusing on the material rather than the audience, arriving early to the presentation, and adjusting to the surrounding are some of the approaches that can help reduce the fear of speaking in public settings.(Importance of nursing staff availability to project sustainability)

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Chicago State University. (2019). Attention to Detail

Topic 9 DQ 2

A nurse presentation on bullying requires nursing staff availability for successful implementation. Besides the current workload nurses have to bear, participating in the project would add more responsibility, and only willing and committed nurses will be able to help implement the project. Potential barriers that may prevent the intervention from continuing to generate the desired results in a year would be a nursing shortage and staff compliance(Importance of nursing staff availability to project sustainability). Nurses are critical to the sustainability of the intervention, and nursing shortage would limit resources available to help the project be sustainable. According to Haddad et al. (2022), about 4.9 million additional nurses are needed in the United States to provide healthcare. Therefore, sustaining the project would be extremely difficult with the shortage. However, proposing to the management to hire more nursing staff would help address the nursing shortage.(Importance of nursing staff availability to project sustainability)

As stated, nursing staff availability is critical to project sustainability. However, available nurses need to demonstrate compliance to ensure the project continues to generate desired outcomes. Non-compliance would be detrimental to the successful implementation and sustainability of the project. On-going education and communication on the need for the project and how it is helpful to the community and the staff would also help maintain staff compliance throughout. (Importance of nursing staff availability to project sustainability)


Haddad, L. M., Annamaraju, P., & Toney-Butler, T. J. (2022). Nursing Shortage. In StatPearls. StatPearls Publishing.

Topic 10 DQ 1

The American Journal of Nursing is the preferred journal to present the result of the project because its mission is to promote excellence in nursing and healthcare professionals through evidence-based, peer-reviewed research dissemination. The American Journal of Nursing (AJN) has been the leading voice for nurses since 1900 and is among the most trusted broad-based nursing journals globally (Kirton & Carl, 2021). It is commended for nursing information and health care excellence in nurses’ dissemination. It also provides evidence-based information to other healthcare providers and the public (Kirton & Carl, 2021). Nurses can share clinical information and original research and discuss relevant and current professional issues while adhering to journalistic integrity and excellence(Importance of nursing staff availability to project sustainability). The AJN is a great platform to promote nursing perspectives to the healthcare community and the public, including the project’s bullying problem.(Importance of nursing staff availability to project sustainability)

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American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) is the selected nursing conference to present the project’s outcomes because it provides an opportunity to network with peers worldwide and engage in educational and innovative sessions. The ANCC has, this year, organized premier conferences where nurses can share information with nurses from different countries (American Nurses Credentialing Center, 2021). It is an excellent opportunity to present the project’s outcome if given a chance. (Importance of nursing staff availability to project sustainability)


American Nurses Credentialing Center. (2021, November 3). Magnet/Pathway Conference.

Kirton, & Carl, A. (2021). AJN, the American Journal of nursing. Wolters Kluwer – Combining Domain Expertise With Advanced Technology | Wolters Kluwer.


Topic 10 DQ 2

Validated interventions are used by registered nurses (RNs) when providing care to patients. Registered nurses with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree learn about evidence-based practice (EBP), which helps them identify treatment plans that will benefit their patients. EBP has emerged as a crucial element of outstanding patient care in recent years. Registered nurses with a BSN should always practice evidence-based nursing since it will better equip them for the many facets of patient care, leadership, and healthcare management that are important in today’s practice (Eastern Illinois University, 2022). Evidence-based nursing practice also enables BSN-prepared nurses to use technology in their work, improve their ability to collaborate in multidisciplinary teams, actively engage in health advocacy and the creation of health legislation, and assume leadership roles in professional organizations.(Importance of nursing staff availability to project sustainability)

Active participation in nursing conferences and continuous learning are the two ways to continue integrating practice into practice and encouraging it in the workplace. Active participation in conferences and continuous learning require time. Lack of time is an obstacle that could challenge this plan because nurses are too busy, addressing a heavy workload, and often working overtime. Encouraging and educating nurses on the importance of evidence-based research and practice would promote the adoption of EBP. It is vital to encourage employers to give nurses more time to research and integrate EBP.(Importance of nursing staff availability to project sustainability)

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Importance of nursing staff availability to project sustainability


Eastern Illinois University. (2022, April 27). Why is evidence-based practice in nursing so important?

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