Healthcare Globalization Comprehensive Nursing Paper Sample

Healthcare Globalization Comprehensive Nursing Paper Sample

Taiwan is a high-income nation with robust economic growth following its continued effort. Although Taiwan’s economy was devastated during the Japan-China War, the subsequent industrialization was a major stimulus toward economic growth. For example, the growth in the manufacturing industry with small and medium-sized enterprises has been the backbone of Taiwan’s economy. In 2022, Taiwan’s GDP was estimated to be about USD 761.69 billion and is projected to be USD 990.75 billion by 2028 (O’Neill (2023). Taiwan is a developed nation investing in healthcare, accounting for about 6.7% of its GDP (USD 673.18 billion).(Healthcare Globalization Comprehensive Nursing Paper Sample)

Healthcare Globalization Comprehensive Nursing Paper Sample
Healthcare Globalization Comprehensive Nursing Paper Sample 1

On the contrary, Vietnam is a highly developed lower-middle-income country following its continued economic growth. Vietnam has transformed from one of the poorest nations, with a GDP per capita of USD 3694.02 in 2021. In the same year, the nation’s GDP was USD 368 billion, making the nation its economy fifth in Southeast Asia and 41st in the world. The nation’s healthcare expenditure per capita is expected to increase by 9.2%, reaching about USD 262 by 2025, equivalent to about 5.8% of its GDP (International Trade Administration, 2023). (Healthcare Globalization Comprehensive Nursing Paper Sample)

Social Determinants of Health (SDoH) mainly negatively affect the health outcomes of Taiwan and Vietnam. One of the main challenges facing the Taiwanese healthcare system is the increasing social inequalities in health. Huang et al. (2021) reveal a positive correlation between socioeconomic status and health inequality. The study asserts that Taiwan had 237877 low-income people from 1998 to 2015 with an injury hospitalization rate of about 1.74 per 100 compared to the 22611119 non-low-income individuals with a hospitalization rate of 1.12 per 100. The injury hospitalization rate for low-income people was about twice as high as that of non-low-income groups portraying that poverty and injury are correlated. The low social and economic status of people triggers them to accept high-risk jobs predisposing them to injuries. Low income, poor working conditions, low social class, or lack of employment are common SDOHs that elicit poor health outcomes due to poor health-seeking behaviors and high morbidity and mortality rates. Subsequently, Vietnam has even greater health inequality disfavouring poor and uneducated women/children, people with low physical and psychological functioning and well-being, people vulnerable to chronic diseases, and ethnic and minority groups in the community. (Healthcare Globalization Comprehensive Nursing Paper Sample)

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Taiwan’s universal National Health Insurance program (implemented in 1995) has been vital in addressing SODHs. The system is more effective than Vietnam’s mixed public-private provider healthcare system. Taiwan’s government created a single-payer health system merging the existing public insurance schemes. The single-payer system has improved health equity, allowed the government to easily control the nation’s health costs and quality, and simplified health administration (The Commonwealth Fund, 2023). Taiwan’s universal health coverage is mandatory for all citizens ensuring that all people are covered whenever they need healthcare services; the system is highly efficient, covers everything, and the costs are low for every beneficiary. (Healthcare Globalization Comprehensive Nursing Paper Sample)

On the contrary, Vietnam is working toward implanting universal health coverage. Most Vietnamese pay for healthcare services out of their pockets in public and private hospitals. Majorly, most people with above-average income opt for private hospitals that are more efficient and equipped. As such, destitute populations across Vietnam may not access affordable care when in need compared to Taiwan, where healthcare is affordable and accessible for all people leading to improved healthcare outcomes (International Trade Administration, 2023). One strategy that can be used to improve Taiwan’s healthcare system is investing more in health expenditure in the nation’s GDP, like nations such as the US, to ensure the availability of resources that lead to affordable and accessible quality care. Vietnam should focus on achieving a universal healthcare insurance system by merging all other public insurance programs that lead to healthier communities, the greatest resources for continued economic growth.  (Healthcare Globalization Comprehensive Nursing Paper Sample)

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Healthcare Globalization Comprehensive Nursing Paper Sample
Healthcare Globalization Comprehensive Nursing Paper Sample 2


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Healthcare Globalization Comprehensive Nursing Paper Sample
Healthcare Globalization Comprehensive Nursing Paper Sample 3

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