Theory and Leadership


Please complete the following steps for your discussion post:

  1. Choose one leadership, management, or organizational theory from your textbook and complete a library search for a peer-reviewed journal article that integrates the chosen theory with a nursing management/leadership topic.
  2. Present the article and discuss the theory used, the benefits of utilizing theory in this management/leadership article, and any weaknesses you identify with using the theory.
  3. Discuss how application of leadership theoretical frameworks and models can benefit nurse leaders personally and advance the nursing profession as a whole.
  4. Responses should be at least 500 words, integrate key concepts from the weekly readings and include specific examples of how the concepts can be applied to your work environment.
  5. Attach a copy of the article to this discussion forum.
  6. Be sure to supplement your discussion with personal and professional experiences.

Please be sure to validate your opinions and ideas with citations and references in APA format.

Theory and Leadership-SOLUTION

Good leadership characteristics are sought in any profession but are an absolute requirement in nursing practice. In this case, effective leadership in nursing allows leaders to step up and control situations as they have the insight to handle different challenges in healthcare management. Subsequently, leadership theories describe different phenomena that exist in the nursing profession. The theories assist nursing leaders in identifying, analyzing, and interpreting complex problems and devising solutions. Transformational leadership theory has been instrumental in achieving effective management and organizational goals among nursing leaders.(Good Leadership Sample Essay)

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I chose the theory of transformational leadership for this paper. The theory focuses on how a leader’s aspirations and vision can influence a team of employees to achieve organizational goals. In this case, the employees trust transformational leaders that inspire and motivate them. I selected Anselmann and Mulder’s (2019) article, “Transformational leadership, knowledge sharing and reflection, and work teams’ performance: A structural equation modeling analysis.” The article aims to establish whether there is a relationship between safe team climate reflection, knowledge sharing, and transformational leadership in nursing and social work teams. Anselmann and Mulder (2019) conducted a cross-sectional study among nursing and social work teams. They hypothesized that transformational leadership creates a safe team climate that improves reflection and knowledge sharing, improving teams’ performance.(Good Leadership Sample Essay)

The article’s results align with previous research on transformational leadership in other nursing domains. The results assert that transformational leadership has a direct positive relationship with a safe team climate that fosters positive influence with reflection and knowledge sharing related to team performance. Therefore, the article concludes that transformational leadership positively influences nursing and social work teams. Transformational leadership positively influences the nursing and healthcare workforce and enhances patient satisfaction. I aspire to venture into nursing leadership in the future. Therefore, I can use transformational leadership to create empowering nursing environments that foster job satisfaction and innovative work behavior. As such, nurses feel contented and valued when their leaders motivate and inspire them for their work. For this reason, job satisfaction elicits innovation, quality service delivery, and improved healthcare outcomes. Although I am yet to assume any official leadership, I frequently portray transformational leadership traits by promoting teamwork among my colleagues through consultations to deliver best practices that improve patient health outcomes.

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However, one of the main areas for improvement in using the theory of transformational leadership is the need for more focus. Transformational leaders inspire to motivate team members, which can lead to a loss of focus on significant tasks. In this case, there may need to be more than leading by example to offer enough guidance and structure required to specific team members. Secondly, leaders can misuse the theory to manipulate organizational goals for their benefit. For instance, leaders might use charisma for self-promotion (Collins et al., 2020). The theory can lead to the disruption of organizational routines as it requires team members to change their thinking and work, thus creating confusion that is detrimental in a healthcare setting. The theory of transformational leadership also potentiates burnout by establishing a high level of commitment that makes employees practice unhealthy work-life balance.(Good Leadership Sample Essay)

Applying leadership theoretical models and frameworks develop nurses personally and professionally. Nursing theory-guided practice aids nurses in offering quality care by allowing them to articulate what they do to their patients and how they do it. Through leadership theoretical frameworks, nurse leaders have clarity of beliefs and values concerning human health processes (Younas & Quennell, 2019). Nurses also seek awareness of patient care approaches from nursing theoretical frameworks. Theoretical frameworks foster effective nursing leadership that strengthens effective, safe, quality care. By doing so, the leaders create a positive work environment that improves patient outcomes and experiences.(Good Leadership Sample Essay)

Good Leadership Sample Essay


Anselmann, V., & Mulder, R. H. (2020). Transformational leadership, knowledge sharing and reflection, and work teams’ performance: A structural equation modeling analysis. Journal of Nursing Management28(7), 1627-1634.

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Collins, E., Owen, P., Digan, J., & Dunn, F. (2020). Applying transformational leadership in nursing practice. Nurs Stand35(5), 59-66.

Younas, A., & Quennell, S. (2019). Usefulness of nursing theory‐guided practice: an integrative review. Scandinavian journal of caring sciences33(3), 540-555.

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