Reflect and React Assignment 1 (R&R1): Exploring Changing Gender Roles in Society

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Exploring Changing Gender Roles in Society Essay Example

As you read over chapter 3, we were presented with concepts, research, and trends regarding gender: roles, behaviors and expectations and how those are drastically changing and quickly…Take a moment to reflect on your views related to gender roles.

You will need to choose and review three of the resources provided below in addition to Chapter 3 from our text:

  2. CHOOSE ONLY ONE of the CBS articles: A) B)…Links to an external site.
  4. Time are Changing (you are not expected to read it all but please review it as best as you can–the information is amazing to consider) Please note: this is the only available study of its kind but new studies are coming and being done).


After watching and reviewing three of these resources and chapter 3 in our text, please consider and address these questions by reflecting and sharing your perspective and experiences/observations as applicable:

  • Based on what you read and watched from your chosen articles and the chapter, what changes are taking place concerning gender roles? What stood out to you regarding the resources and the information and trends they presented? Be sure to address/discuss ALL the resources you chose (not just one point from each) to support the changes taking place and your perspective regarding them; so you should have a total of 4 sources discussed and referenced in your paper.(Exploring Changing Gender Roles in Society Essay Example)
  • From our reading of chapter 3 and the resources you reviewed, what do you consider to be one of as the greatest factor(s) driving the changes in gender roles in America? Remember to use the resources to support and explain your conclusions.
  • How do you and your family dynamics concerning gender roles (e.g., how they were modeled and/or taught) relate to any of the findings from the resources?(Exploring Changing Gender Roles in Society Essay Example)
  • What kind of influence (i.e. positive, negative, or neutral) do you see these changes discussed in chapter 3 and the articles having on the American Family?
  • What other changes, if any, based on what you learned from the chapter and resources would you like to see regarding gender roles in America and for your own future?(Exploring Changing Gender Roles in Society Essay Example)
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You will need to submit your assignment as an attachment below. Please be sure you have followed the instructions concerning reflecting over gender roles in America; as well as meet the expectations for written work (see below as well as the syllabus).

Your paper must NOT be in “Question and Answer” form but should be written in essay form and be presented as a cohesive body of work that flows and all points being connected with one another.(Exploring Changing Gender Roles in Society Essay Example)

Please refer to the grading rubric provided below. I have found that it takes students approx. 3-4 pages to complete these reflect and react assignments though it varies by student. As long as your work satisfies the criteria, length is not an issue.


Here is the Grading Rubric and Student Feedback form I will be using when grading your work based on the rubric for this assignment:



Exploring Changing Gender Roles in Society Essay Example

Gender roles have been a fundamental aspect of human societies for centuries, shaping the expectations and behaviors of individuals based on their perceived gender. However, over the past few decades, significant changes have occurred in how society views and defines these roles. This essay will explore the evolution of gender roles in modern society, examining factors that have contributed to the changing dynamics and the impact on individuals and communities.(Exploring Changing Gender Roles in Society Essay Example)

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Historically, traditional gender roles have often relegated women to domestic duties and caretaking roles, while men were expected to be breadwinners and display dominance in various spheres of life. These roles were deeply ingrained in cultural norms and religious beliefs, shaping the expectations and opportunities available to each gender. However, the emergence of feminist movements in the late 19th and 20th centuries sparked a wave of social change, advocating for women’s rights and challenging gender stereotypes.(Exploring Changing Gender Roles in Society Essay Example)

The fight for gender equality gained momentum, resulting in significant legal and social advancements. Laws promoting equal opportunities in education, the workplace, and politics were introduced in many countries, empowering women to pursue careers, leadership positions, and educational pursuits that were previously dominated by men. As a result, the traditional roles assigned to men and women began to shift, breaking down barriers and opening new doors for individuals regardless of their gender.(Exploring Changing Gender Roles in Society Essay Example)

Moreover, the proliferation of the internet and social media in the late 20th century facilitated a global conversation on gender roles, enabling people to share experiences, challenge stereotypes, and promote diverse representations. Online platforms allowed marginalized voices to be heard and contributed to the broader awareness of the fluidity and complexity of gender identity. Consequently, non-binary, genderqueer, and transgender individuals gained visibility, pushing society to question the rigid binary framework of gender roles.(Exploring Changing Gender Roles in Society Essay Example)

In addition to cultural and technological factors, the changing economic landscape has played a vital role in reshaping gender roles. With the rise of the service and knowledge-based economy, traditional industries that relied on physical strength and manual labor have declined. This shift has created more opportunities for women to participate in the workforce, challenging the notion that certain jobs are exclusively suited for one gender. The recognition of the economic value of women’s labor has further eroded gender-based divisions in the workplace.(Exploring Changing Gender Roles in Society Essay Example)

Despite these positive changes, some societal norms and expectations still perpetuate traditional gender roles. While women have made significant strides in various fields, they continue to face challenges related to the gender pay gap, underrepresentation in leadership roles, and the “double burden” of balancing work and family responsibilities. Similarly, men may encounter resistance when pursuing careers or expressing emotions that deviate from traditional masculinity norms.(Exploring Changing Gender Roles in Society Essay Example)

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Changing gender roles have also impacted family structures. The concept of a nuclear family, with a male breadwinner and a female homemaker, is becoming less prevalent. Dual-income families, single-parent households, and same-sex parents are increasingly common, showcasing the diversity of family arrangements beyond traditional gender roles.(Exploring Changing Gender Roles in Society Essay Example)

In conclusion, the exploration of changing gender roles in society reveals a complex and multifaceted transformation. The evolution of gender roles has been driven by various factors, including feminist movements, technological advancements, legal reforms, and economic changes. As a result, society has made significant strides in breaking down gender barriers and promoting gender equality. However, challenges remain in dismantling deeply ingrained stereotypes and achieving true gender parity. Embracing diverse representations and fostering inclusivity will be crucial in creating a more equitable and just society for all genders. Only through continued awareness, education, and advocacy can we continue to progress towards a more inclusive and accepting world.(Exploring Changing Gender Roles in Society Essay Example)

(Exploring Changing Gender Roles in Society Essay Example)

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