Dimensions of Nursing : The Case of Mrs. G – Mrs. G. is a 75 year old Hispanic woman who has been relatively well all of her life – Best Help

Dimensions of Nursing : The Case of Mrs. G

In this written assignment, you have the opportunity to share your thoughts about how to deliver client-centered culturally competent care and work collaboratively with others.

The Case of Mrs. G.

Mrs. G. is a 75 year old Hispanic woman who has been relatively well all of her life. She had been married for 50 years and had five children. Her children are grown with families of their own. All but one of her children live in other states. Mrs. G.’s husband passed away last year, which was devastating for her. She had been very close to him and relied upon him for everything.

He was “the life of the party” she always said and was a loving and caring man. Since his passing, Mrs. G. has continued to live in the house they shared for 35 years. In the last month, Mrs. G. has fallen twice sustaining injuries, though minimal. Her home health nurse comes weekly to check in on her. Mrs. G. likes her very much and wishes she could come more often.(Dimensions of Nursing)

Mrs. G. likes her very much and wishes she could come more often. Mrs. G.’s daughter who lives in the next town over, has been worried and decided with the urging of her siblings and the doctor to start looking for an assisted living facility for her mother. (Dimensions of Nursing)

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She found one last week and talked with the Director who said she would be happy to help in whatever way was best. The daughter decided to tell her mother that it was time for her to move, so she can be cared for and be safe. When she told her mother, Mrs. G. cried and said, “This will not happen ever. I plan to stay in this house of loving memories for the remainder of my life.”(Dimensions of Nursing)

In 3 – 4 pages answer the following questions:

How would you best describe Mrs. G.’s feelings about her life, her family, her traditions, and her future?

Did Mrs. G.’s response to her daughter surprise you? Please explain your answer.

In what way do you believe her culture might be influencing her decision?

If you were Mrs. G.’s daughter what would you say to her that shows you are caring and have compassion for her situation? What nonverbal communication would support that level of communication?(Dimensions of Nursing)

Suppose Mrs. G. stands firm about not leaving her house. What resources and collaborations might be available and helpful so the daughter and other healthcare providers can keep her mother safe and make the most effective decision?

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Dimensions of Nursing : The Case of Mrs. G
Dimensions of Nursing : The Case of Mrs. G

Dimensions of Nursing

Nursing is a noble profession that has evolved over time to meet the needs of patients. Nursing is not only about providing physical care, but also providing emotional support and guidance.

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The following are some dimensions of nursing that are important to understand:

1. Professionalism- Nurses must adhere to high ethical standards in order to maintain their reputation and professionalism. They must be able to work independently and be able to communicate with patients and families effectively.

2. Diversity- Nurses must be tolerant of different cultures and religions so that they can provide the best possible care for everyone involved. They must also be aware of the social and environmental factors that may affect a patient’s health.

3. Empathy- Nurses must have empathy for their patients in order to understand their needs and feelings. They must also be able to provide support during difficult times.

4. Knowledge- Nurses must have a thorough knowledge of medical terminology and conditions in order to provide quality care. They must also be knowledgeable about nursing practices and policies so they can make informed decisions on behalf of their patients.

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Related FAQs

1. What are the 5 components of nursing?

The nursing process functions as a systematic guide to client-centered care with 5 sequential steps. These are assessment, diagnosis, planning, implementation, and evaluation.

2. What are the dimensions of care?

Seven dimensions of caring that define professional nursing practice were found: caring, compassion, spirituality, community outreach, providing comfort, crisis intervention, and going the extra distance.

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3. What are ethical dimensions in nursing?

Nurses are advocates for patients and must find a balance while delivering patient care. There are four main principles of ethics: autonomy, beneficence, justice, and non-maleficence. Each patient has the right to make their own decisions based on their own beliefs and values.

4. What are the 4 domains of nursing?

The primary domains in nursing include patient, environment, health, and nursing. Thus, each aspect is usually described based on the understanding of their meaning to the nursing theorist

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