Decision Process Model

Please describe the steps included in the consumer decision process model including the steps that consumers go through before, during, and after making purchases.

The Consumer Decision Process Model

The consumer Decision Process Model details consumers’ decision-making stages before, during, and after purchasing a product. Stankevich (2017) illustrates that it starts with problem recognition, whereby a consumer recognizes the need and identifies the product or services that can satisfy the requirement. Generally, it can be prompted internally by stimuli like hunger or externally through advertisements. As a result, it results in a response that is a need.

Second, it involves information search. During this stage, the consumer is persuaded to look for information about the product to satisfy their need. The inquiries are done internally through a consumer’s recollection about a particular product or externally by browsing through various options of a specific product or service at their physical location or online.

Decision Process Model
Decision Process Model 1

Then, the consumer evaluates the alternatives by weighing them in terms of prices, availability, and benefits. According to Stankevich (2017), the attitudes and degree of involvement with the product influence the consumers’ choices such that high involvement leads to the evaluation of several brands while low involvement leads to an assessment of a single brand. After assessing the value of the products, the consumers move to the purchase decision. Faulds et al. (2018) explain that the consumer may intend to buy their most preferred brand by deciding where to buy it from and the time they are likely to buy it. Such decisions may be interrupted by factors such as negative feedback from others about the product or unexpected situations like retail stores closing down.

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Finally, the last step involves the customers’ reflection on whether they are satisfied with purchasing the product. The customer’s evaluation is likely to influence the buying decisions of others. Some sellers may have post-purchase agreements with customers through emails to determine their satisfaction levels.


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