Nursing Leadership Critical Takeaways – Nursing Paper Example

Critical Takeaways In Nursing

Nursing Leaders must employ enthusiasm and leadership competencies to influence positive change in an organization effectively. They must know various factors to effectively lead organizational change, such as relationship building with employee teams to enhance trust and commitment to the organization’s vision.

Besides, Kumkale (2022) explains that leaders should be agile and adaptable to internal and external organizational factors by working outside their comfort zones to enhance employee accountability.

Also, they should encourage innovation and creativity to facilitate the harnessing of employee skills for competitive performance towards the change effort vision and objectives. This includes motivating employees to improve engagement and efficiency to execute change effort objectives (Marr, 2022). They should also make convincing and informed decisions to enable employees to adapt and embrace the change effort.

Furthermore, leaders should inspire trust by maintaining ethics and speaking clearly about their values and objectives. Exemplary leaders also think strategically to capture every aspect of the change effort to enhance the resolution of emerging problems and the development of long-term plans (Kumkale, 2022) (Critical Takeaways-nursing Paper Examples).

Critical Takeaways-nursing Paper Examples
Critical Takeaways-nursing Paper Examples

The leaders must also employ effective communication and promptly provide feedback to improve the alignment of employees’ activities with the change effort objectives.

Holding specific and straight conversations with employees makes it easy for the leaders to effectively address arising issues and conflicts, ensuring that employee operation within the context of the change initiative (Critical Takeaways-nursing Paper Examples).

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Moreover, Marr (2022) observes that leaders must foster team building by selecting appropriate talents and skills to accomplish the change initiative’s specific milestones. Assigning tasks based on employee skills is necessary for effective and productive performance. Lastly, leaders should exhibit conflict management skills to resolve employee conflicts while implementing the change effort (Kumkale, 2022). Conflict resolution skills enable leaders to mitigate conflicts before negatively impacting the business.


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