Communication of Assessment Results to the Patient-Nursing Paper Examples

Communication of Assessment Results

Doctor: Good afternoon, Bob. How are you doing? (Communication of Assessment Results ).

Bob: Good afternoon, doctor. I am doing well.

Doctor: That is good. I will explain the assessment results. Are you ready?

Bob: Yes, doctor, I am eager to receive the assessment results.

Doctor: Okay, make yourself comfortable. Anything you need, some water?

Bob: No, thank you, sir

Doctor: Okay, the results am going to present to you are based on how you performed on different assessment aspects compared to your peers. However, they do not entirely represent who you are or how other people may see you. So, you remain unworried or anxious about anything. Do we understand one another? (Communication of Assessment Results).

Communication of Assessment Results to the Patient
Communication of Assessment Results to the Patient

Bob: Yes, doctor.

Doctor: Now, I used two scales to assess your intelligence; the first scale was the Wechsler Abbreviated Scales of Intelligence (WASI) scale. I used it to assess your verbal, non-verbal, and cognitive abilities among individuals. Based on this scale, any score between 90-and 109 hence considered average. The other scale used was the Wide Range Achievement Test-Revision 4 (WRAT-4). This scale also measured reading, sentence comprehension, math computation, and reading composite skills. Based on this scale, any score between 90-110 is considered average (Communication of Assessment Results).

The scores in these two scales are determined by comparing how your peers score in the same aspects. For instance, average scores indicate similar performance to your peers in that area. Above-average scores indicate strength, while below-average scores indicate weakness compared to your peers. Feel free to ask questions where you need help understanding (Communication of Assessment Results ).

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Bob: Are there other intelligence parameters assessed by the scales?

Doctor: No. The scales only measure the identified parameters, consequently considered to influence people’s daily activities. Am I clear on that point?

Bob: Yes, I have understood every point.

Doctor: I see that we are progressing well. Now, let me explain how you performed each parameter assessed. Your WASI readings indicate that you produced average results in vocabulary, similarities, matrix reasoning, verbal comprehension, and perpetual reasoning. This means that your comprehension of spoken language, application of visual elements and senses, formation of verbal concepts, and reasoning through different scenarios were similar to those of your peers.

However, you scored below average in visual-spatial skills. This means that you need help understanding visual processes. You also scored below average in block design, indicating challenges withstanding differential interfaces when exposed to varying visual environments. Any questions up to that point? (Communication of Assessment Results ).

Bob: Thank you, so, should I be concerned about the below-average scores?

Doctor: As I explained earlier, these scores should not concern or worry you. The identified areas of weakness provide you with the opportunity to improve. Before the end of this session, I will provide you with recommendations on how you can improve on your weaknesses. Can we proceed to the following scale? (Communication of Assessment Results).

Bob: Yes, proceed.

Doctor:  Based on the WRAT-4 scale, you scored average in word reading, sentence comprehension, and reading composite. This means that you can effectively process texts and understand the meaning of words, including pronouncing vocabulary fluently. You have a good comprehension of English-related concepts and words. Nevertheless, your scores on math computation and spelling were below average. This means you experience challenges solving fundamental mathematical problems like additions, subtraction, multiplication, and division compared to your peers. You also need help arranging letters in their correct order correctly. Am I clear on that point? (Communication of Assessment Results).

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Bob: Yes, I have understood. I am not surprised by the math computation scores since it has always been challenging. 

Doctor: Your scores on math computation are promising. Based on the results, you have average overall reasoning. It means that you can still improve on the areas of weakness by adopting a positive attitude.

Bob: So, on the results, what can I do to improve on my areas of weakness?

Doctor: That is a good question, Bob! You can take various measures to improve your areas of weakness. You can improve your math computation skills by regularly practicing with simple calculations, participating in gaming activities like chess, and utilizing math tutorials on the internet. Besides, playing video games, chess, and spatial vocabulary can help improve your visual-spatial skills. Additionally, you should normalize reading vocabulary and identify patterns that make words easy to remember to enhance your spelling skills. These interventions will help you improve on your weaknesses (Communication of Assessment Results). 

Bob: Thank you, doctor. I will prioritize the identified areas to ensure that I score above average in the future. 

Doctor: I look forward to improved scores in your next assessment. Any questions before we end the session?

Bob: I am satisfied with the explanation and recommendations you have provided. 

Doctor: Okay, that is all for today. Welcome back again.

Bob: Thank you, doctor.

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