Integrating Manipulative and body-Based Therapies into Practice

Please read the instructions below; this paper has two parts.

1.Students will develop a project related to a Manipulative and Body Based therapy of interest to them.  The first part of the project is to write a paper defining a type of manipulative or body-based therapy and its uses, comparing two types or techniques of the chosen therapy, and discussing how the therapy has been or could be used in the student’s practice.  Students must use a minimum of 2 peer-reviewed journal articlesfor this section of the project.  Journal articles used as references must have been published within the last 5 years, unless it is considered a sentinel article.  Additional references may include your textbook or other scholarly sources.  All assignments should be in APA format according to the 7th edition of the American Psychological Association’s Manual.   The body of the paper should be 2 to 2 1/2   pages in length.

2. The second part of the project requires students to perform an internet search to determine if there is a certification for therapists who engage in the chosen therapy, identify the certifying body or bodies, and describe the education and training required for certification or levels of certification.  If there is no certification available for the chosen therapy, the student will compare requirements from two programs that offer training in this therapy.  Students will then write an opinion of whether or not consideration of certification is important when recommending use of complementary therapies for their patients and provide reasons for their opinions.  There is no requirement for length or format in this section of the project; paragraph, chart, bullet points, etc. are all acceptable.  Include the website(s) used for this section in your reference list and include citations.

Integrating Manipulative and body-Based Therapies into Practice (Solution)

The Certification of Craniosacral Therapy

Perform an internet search to determine if there is a certification for the therapists who engage in a chosen therapy?

Yes, there is a certificate offered to practice craniosacral therapy. The craniosacral therapy certificate (CTC) is given to massage therapists, physical therapists, chiropractor therapists, naturopaths, and other healthcare professionals for craniosacral therapy (Ecole Setsuko Holistic Health Education School, 2022). Being taught by deeply knowledgeable professors enables one to achieve better patient results and get recognition as a skilled practitioner of this therapeutic profession by earning the title of a certified therapist on craniosacral therapy, developing the belief in patient’s and client’s thoughts that you are highly skilled in modality.(Certification of Craniosacral Therapy Essay-Sample)

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Identify the certifying bodies.

Several organizations offer certification for craniosacral therapy such as include:

  1. The Pacific Association of Craniosacral Therapists maintains the standards used in Biodynamic craniosacral therapy education. It also accredits Body Intelligence Training programs.
  2. The Association of National Health Practitioners of Canada establishes competency based on standards for natural health disciplines and has also been acknowledged for teaching by the modalities in Canada.
  3. The Association for Biodynamic Craniosacral Treatment in North America establishes standards in practice and education, and it also authorizes senior tutors in North America as teachers.
  4. Association for Craniosacral Therapy in the UK -The Craniosacral Therapy Association recognizes the training in Edinburgh, London, and Gilford, Northern Ireland.
  5. The Irish Craniosacral Therapy Association is a professional organization that upholds standards and represents therapists in Ireland by approving the program.
  6. French Association of Craniosacral Therapy is a professional organization that upholds standards and safeguards both craniosacral practitioners and their clients and accredits the program.
  7. The International Affiliation of Biodynamic Trainings is the only body that offers affiliation of biodynamic craniosacral therapy courses per a set of standards. Graduates of member’s school’s foundation training can apply for the designated Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy (BSCT) and the postgraduate Advanced Biodynamic Diploma, which denotes an additional 300 hours of instruction (Body Intelligence, n.d.).(Certification of Craniosacral Therapy Essay-Sample)

The training required for certification?

The training program for those interested in obtaining certification as a craniosacral therapist requires a fifty-day practitioner course (Upledger Institute International, n.d). The training takes a biodynamic approach, focusing on the body’s underlying intelligence and allowing it to engage and effect fundamental transformation. It aims to provide treatment skills, clinical understanding skills, practice management, perceptual skills, contact skills, and self-development (Body Intelligence, n.d.). All these skills have a purpose in building contact skills for a holistic touch, acquiring strategies to manage traumatic expressions safely, and getting a concept of clinical evaluation and practice management. Practitioners also learn to sense the body at various levels of the organization through body awareness activities and anatomy.(Certification of Craniosacral Therapy Essay-Sample)

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Before graduating from the BSCT foundation, one must satisfactorily finish the BI Anatomy course that includes eighty hours of study. The learning process is provided over two years in ten 5-day seminars. The seminars used are transformative encounters that include verbal teachings, in-depth investigations, discussions, and hands-on massage. Moreover, the practitioners of BSCT must be adept at working with both their somato-emotional patterns and those of clients since the treatment is process-oriented. Once you have completed the foundation training, you are accredited with a certificate showing you have passed all the stages. Additionally, the International Affiliation of Biodynamic Trainings offers BSCT courses that allow its members to apply for the designation BSCT and the postgraduate advanced Biodynamic Diploma, which requires an additional 300 hours of study.(Certification of Craniosacral Therapy Essay-Sample)

An opinion of whether or not certification considerations are essential when recommending complementary therapy for patients and provide reasons

In my opinion, considering craniosacral certification is essential when recommending complementary therapies for their patients. Craniosacral therapy is a form of bodywork that involves the manipulation of the skull and spinal column to help bring about balance and healing within the body. In this regard, craniosacral therapy practitioners must be certified to practice legally and safely. Certification ensures the practitioner has been appropriately trained and understands the techniques and their applications.

A certified craniosacral therapist is well-versed in anatomy, physiology, and the effects of stress on the body. They are also aware of the potential risks and benefits of the therapy, enabling them to provide safe and effective treatment. Certification also indicates that the practitioners have received training in ethical practices, professionalism, and client-centered care. Therefore, it is crucial that before recommending complementary therapies for patients, one should consider craniosacral certification, which ensures that the practitioner is professionally trained and certified and is providing safe and effective treatment. The certificate guarantees that the practitioner is adhering to ethical and professional standards hence providing quality healthcare to patients. Additionally, the program provides practitioners with the skills required to recognize signs and symptoms of various conditions at primary care, hence providing the appropriate course of treatment before the disease progresses.(Certification of Craniosacral Therapy Essay-Sample)

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Certification of Craniosacral Therapy Essay-Sample


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