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Healthcare-associated infections are one of the significant global health concerns associated with poor health outcomes. Although the healthcare industry has implemented hand hygiene standards, environmental cleaning, and robust infection surveillance and tracking systems to reduce the rate of HAIs, infections remain a significant challenge towards healthcare delivery. However, advancing evidence-based practice has seen healthcare providers deal with immense health threats. Through evidence-based practice, healthcare professionals apply problem-solving skills by integrating the best available practices with clinical knowledge and experience to improve the quality of care and patient safety (Connor et al., 2023). Thus, there is a need to implement an evidence-based intervention directed towards preventing and managing hospital-acquired infections.

Capstone Change Project Outcomes
Capstone Change Project Outcomes

This capstone project aims to implement evidence-based care bundles to reduce HAIs among hospitalized patients. The capstone change project has set the following anticipated outcomes that will be measured to evaluate the success of the proposed evidence-based care bundle intervention;

Reduced length of hospital days

Hospital-acquired infections lead to lengthy hospital stays, as healthcare professionals must monitor the patients before discharge (Gidey et al., 2023). This project aims to reduce hospitalization days caused by HAIs through preventative measures through hygiene standards in hospital settings.

Reduced morbidity and mortality rates

Hospital-acquired infections cause complications that can be detrimental. This change project focuses on preventative measures and management of HAIs to mitigate their harmful effects.

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Reduced health costs

Infections lead to increased hospitalization days that economically burden patients and health facilities. Prevention of HAIs will eliminate the costs associated with lengthy hospitalization (Capstone Change Project Outcomes).

Improved quality of care and patient safety

This capstone project aims to prevent and manage HAIs. Improving hygiene standards, such as following antiseptic techniques and using alcohol-based hand rubs, will improve patient safety.

Improved knowledge about evidence-based care bundles

The project will educate nurses and other healthcare providers to improve their knowledge of the care bundle and implementation strategies. The project will also create awareness among the patients, families/caregivers and the community about the intervention to involve them in care and promote success in implementation.


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Gidey, K., Gidey, M. T., Hailu, B. Y., Gebreamlak, Z. B., & Niriayo, Y. L. (2023). Clinical and economic burden of healthcare-associated infections: A prospective cohort study. Plos one18(2), e0282141.

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