Capital Investment Analysis and Time Value of Money Techniques

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Capital Investment Analysis Essay Example

Arar Corporation’s controller, Abdulrahman, was asked to prepare a capital investment analysis for a robot-guided aluminum window machine. This machine would automate the entire window-casing manufacturing line. Abdulrahman has just returned from an international seminar on qualitative inputs into the capital investment decision and the value chain. He is eager to incorporate these new ideas into the analysis. In addition to the normal net present value analysis (which produced a significant negative result), Abdulrahman factored in figures for customer satisfaction, scrap reduction, reduced inventory needs, and reputation for quality.


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Capital Investment Analysis for a Robot-Guided Aluminum Window Machine


The purpose of this capital investment analysis is to evaluate the financial feasibility of acquiring and implementing a robot-guided aluminum window machine for a manufacturing facility. This analysis will cover the initial investment, operating costs, revenue projections, and financial indicators to determine the potential return on investment (ROI) and payback period.(Capital Investment Analysis Essay Example)

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Investment Details:

  • Cost of the robot-guided aluminum window machine: $X
  • Installation and setup costs: $Y
  • Training and employee adaptation costs: $Z
  • Total initial investment: $X + $Y + $Z(Capital Investment Analysis Essay Example)

Operating Costs:

Operating costs include expenses associated with running the machine and producing aluminum windows. They can be categorized as follows:

  • Direct labor and supervision
  • Energy consumption (electricity)
  • Maintenance and repairs(Capital Investment Analysis Essay Example)
  • Raw materials (aluminum, glass, etc.)
  • Overhead costs (rent, utilities, insurance)

Revenue Projections:

To estimate revenue, consider the following factors:

  • Market demand for aluminum windows
  • Pricing strategy based on market research and competition
  • Production capacity of the machine (units per day/month)
  • Projected sales volume(Capital Investment Analysis Essay Example)

Financial Indicators:

Calculate the following financial metrics to assess the investment’s viability:

  • Return on Investment (ROI) = (Net Profit / Initial Investment) * 100
  • Payback Period = Initial Investment / Annual Net Cash Flow(Capital Investment Analysis Essay Example)

Sensitivity Analysis:

Perform a sensitivity analysis to assess how changes in key variables (such as sales volume, pricing, and operating costs) impact the investment’s outcomes.(Capital Investment Analysis Essay Example)

Risk Assessment:

Identify potential risks that could impact the investment, such as:

  • Market volatility
  • Technological obsolescence
  • Regulatory changes(Capital Investment Analysis Essay Example)
  • Economic downturns

Decision Criteria:

Based on the analysis, make an informed decision:

  • If ROI is higher than the company’s required rate of return, the investment may be considered attractive.
  • A shorter payback period is generally preferred, indicating a faster recovery of the initial investment.(Capital Investment Analysis Essay Example)


Summarize the findings of the analysis, highlighting the key financial indicators, risks, and decision criteria. If the analysis suggests a positive ROI and a reasonable payback period, the investment in the robot-guided aluminum window machine could be recommended. Otherwise, further investigation and adjustments to the assumptions may be necessary.(Capital Investment Analysis Essay Example)

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Capital Investment Analysis Essay Example


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