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Bibliographic Databases

Bibliographic Databases
Bibliographic Databases

DQ1 Response 1

I support that CINAHL and PubMed are comprehensive bibliographic databases that index abstracts used as research articles for a capstone project proposal. CINAHL offers healthcare professionals a comprehensive source of information about their field. It gives access to recent research, trends, and evidence-based practices (Rosumeck et al., 2020). I also agree that these sources offer access to peer-reviewed publications that are more credible than Google Scholar. Therefore, both of these research articles provide relevant information that can support a capstone project. Additionally, both databases are updated regularly, making them ideal for research.


Rosumeck, S., Wagner, M., Wallraf, S., & Euler, U. (2020). A validation study revealed differences in the design and performance of search filters for qualitative research in PsycINFO and CINAHL. Journal of Clinical Epidemiology128, 101-108.

DQ1 Response 2

I agree that CINAHL and PsycINFO are two of the most popular databases for researching psychology and health science issues. These databases give users a variety of published papers, books, book chapters, and other scholarly sources in psychology and health science. Research shows that both databases can be utilized to provide reliable publications and research about the capstone project (Justesen et al., 2020) (Bibliographic Databases).

Additionally, the sources provide a wide range of up-to-date, evidence-based research, which can increase the chances of your proposal’s success. Lastly, I agree that the ability of the sources to filter and focus results makes them reliable for the capstone project (Bibliographic Databases).

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Justesen, T., Freyberg, J., & Schultz, A. N. (2020). Database selection and data gathering methods in systematic reviews on qualitative research regarding diabetes mellitus – An explorative study.

DQ1 Response 3

I agree that the Cochrane Library and PubMed are excellent resources for researching and implementing evidence-based practice. The two resources often contain peer-reviewed journals that are credible and accessible to researchers, hence significant in providing valid data. Over 12,000 reviews and protocols are included in the Cochrane Library, including the Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews, which offers high-quality evidence to assist in healthcare decisions. According to (Joorabchi et al., 2019), the high-quality information in these sources can support an argument for a change, providing evidence to support any proposed changes. Additionally, these sources can be used in a capstone project as they provide current and accurate evidence-based information.


Joorabchi, A., Doherty, C., & Dawson, J. (2019). ‘WP2Cochrane’, a tool linking Wikipedia to the Cochrane library: Results of a bibliometric analysis evaluating article quality and importance. Health Informatics Journal26(3), 1881-1897.

Ethical Research DQ 2 response 1

I agree that the term ethics can mean the beliefs about what is proper and wrong to do. Research ethics constitutes morally acceptable social science, though authors may differ significantly and frequently. Studies also agree with your view that providing consent without complete understanding is unethical since it violates the individual’s autonomy and decision-making capacity (Stommel et al., 2021) (Bibliographic Databases).

Often, individuals may not be wholly educated or appreciate the dangers and repercussions of their decision if they do not have complete knowledge and hence may be unable to make an informed, autonomous decision. All this can result in the individual being harmed or abused, and it is not a courteous or ethical way to connect with others (Bibliographic Databases).

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Stommel, W., & Rijk, L. D. (2021). Ethical approval: None sought. How discourse analysts report ethical issues around publicly available online data. Research Ethics17(3), 275-297.

DQ 2 response 2

I agree with your definition of ethical research as a scientific form of investigation that adheres to a set of moral criteria, as it follows ethical principles. Therefore, promoting the integrity and validity of the data researched. Additionally, respect for people, beneficence, and justice are among the ethical criteria that ensure researchers ethically conduct their research (Broesch et al., 2020).

I am also in agreement that it is ethically wrong to manipulate results to prove a point by changing logistics because it undermines the research’s integrity and credibility and the researcher’s trustworthiness. Therefore, I can conclude that research has to be conducted in a way people can trust since failure to follow basic ethical guidelines can invalidate conclusions owing to a lack of trust (Bibliographic Databases).


Broesch, T., Crittenden, A. N., Beheim, B., Blackwell, A. D., Bunce, J. A., Colleran, H., Hagel, K., Kline, M. A., McElreath, R., Nelson, R., Pisor, A., Prall, S., Pretelli, I., Purzycki, B. G., Quinn, E. A., Ross, C. T., Scelza, B., Starkweather, K., Stieglitz, J., … Borgerhoff Mulder, M. (2020). Navigating cross-cultural research: Methodological and ethical considerations.

DQ 2 response 3

I agree that ethical research can be used to safeguard the rights of individuals and communities during a study by adhering to moral norms and criteria. Lamuth (2020) identifies that research will be deemed unethical from the way it is collected as many researchers derive outcomes that benefit them (Bibliographic Databases).

In such a scenario, the credibility of the research and detracts from the author are compromised. I also agree with you that it is unethical to release manuscripts with rigorous quality assurance of the data as it may spread inaccurate and harmful information to the public. In this case, such unethical behavior may be detrimental to academic communities as it will reduce the integrity of the research.

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Lamuth, J. (2010). Ethical artificial intelligence. SciVee

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