Analyzing Group Techniques Comprehensive Nursing Paper Example

Analyzing Group Techniques Comprehensive Nursing Paper Example

The primary aim of group therapy is to facilitate a high-functioning, comfortable, and functional environment. Engaging in group therapy allows members to benefit from the various mechanisms, including universality, altruism, instillation of hope, imparting information, socialization techniques development, imitation behavior, cohesiveness, existential factors, interpersonal learning, and self-understanding hence suitable for individuals with relatable experiences. This paper analyzes a video on group therapy techniques, what the therapist did well, where I would have handled it differently, and the benefits and challenges of group therapy.(Analyzing Group Techniques Comprehensive Nursing Paper Example)

Analyzing Group Techniques Comprehensive Nursing Paper Example
Analyzing Group Techniques Comprehensive Nursing Paper Example 1

Group Therapy Technique in the Video

The video selected for this analysis is “Interpersonal group therapy for addiction recovery demonstration.” The video portrays an interpersonal group therapy technique as group members talk and share personal struggles. Others provided material and emotional support to aid in the recovery process. Addicts frequently experience isolation, which they must overcome by learning to form relationships and exhibit constructive interactions. One of the group members talks about taking medicine from his sick mother, and to help the protagonist feel at ease, several other characters actively listen while also reflecting on the circumstances together (Cats Cats, 2016). Another group member talked about a similar incident of robbing his grandfather’s pension money. The person who shared his story of robbing his mother’s medication feels that once people discover what happened, they will no longer trust or desire to surround themselves with him. However, the therapist and other group members get along well with him, reassuring him that no one will hold his past behavior against him and that it is good to talk about his struggles (Cats Cats, 2016). By opening up, he may escape the alienation his worries and insecurities caused, which encouraged his addiction. Importantly, Jimmy claims that he trusted the group members and was interested in connecting more with them. The foundation of interpersonal group therapy is mutual respect, trust, and deep connections made in a supportive setting.(Analyzing Group Techniques Comprehensive Nursing Paper Example)

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Evidence-based Support of the Group Therapy Technique

According to Rajhans et al. (2020), interpersonal group therapy is an effective treatment for mental disorders and drug misuse, allowing group members to gain the communication and interpersonal skills necessary for successful, long-lasting recuperation and healthy growth. It is a potent tool for helping people understand themselves and their connections with others (Rajhans et al., 2020). The people speaking about their experiences think that hurting persons closest to them through robbing damaged their bond with them. According to Cuijpers et al. (2018), people can address relationship problems that lead to psychological suffering or a lack of satisfaction in interpersonal interactions through interpersonal group therapy. This strategy might be helpful for those who find it difficult to express or convey their needs, feelings, and opinions directly to others. The participants in the video are guilty and ashamed for taking from their loved ones and need interpersonal therapy to resolve these relational problems successfully.(Analyzing Group Techniques Comprehensive Nursing Paper Example)

What the Therapist Succeeded In

Throughout the film, the therapist’s primary function is to promote interaction and encourage Jimmy to keep talking about his encounter. Specifically, the therapist maintained the conversation, encouraging Jimmy to share more and engaging the other group members in understanding his position, assuring him that talking about his relationship problems or robbing his mother would not change how they perceived him (Cats Cats, 2016). Also, the therapist used pertinent questions and delivered in a quiet, polite tone that complemented the atmosphere of the space. (Analyzing Group Techniques Comprehensive Nursing Paper Example)

What I would have done differently

I found how the therapist asked Jimmy to continue sharing at the beginning of the video, demanding and pressuring and not giving him adequate time to handle his emotions. Jimmy feels awkward talking about his experience, especially stealing from his mother, which makes him feel bad and embarrassed. Before urging Jimmy to resume, I would give him enough time once he stopped speaking to take a breath, collect his thoughts, and control his feelings and emotions. While it is essential to maintain the talk, it is also crucial that the speaking people do not feel compelled to do so.(Analyzing Group Techniques Comprehensive Nursing Paper Example)

Insights gained from how the therapist conducted the Group Session

To make Jimmy relax and be at ease to share, the therapist managed the session skillfully by allowing everyone to speak in turns, offering assistance when required, and recounting their stories. Also, the therapist sees to it that everyone in the group gives Jimmy their full attention (Cats Cats, 2016). She has built a trust-based environment where Jimmy feels free to share his most heinous acts. I would use these beneficial ideas I learned from the video to guide my instructional practice in the future. (Analyzing Group Techniques Comprehensive Nursing Paper Example)

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Analyzing Group Techniques Comprehensive Nursing Paper Example
Analyzing Group Techniques Comprehensive Nursing Paper Example 2

Conducting my Group Session

Individuals are prepared to participate in a secure and collaborative setting, which is the foundation of effective group therapy. The characteristics of a productive group environment are compromised when there is a problematic group member. Setting guidelines and reviewing them with attendees to ensure everyone understands the difference between unacceptable and acceptable behavior is crucial in managing a problematic group member. According to Finkle (2017), establishing trust within the group is essential to fostering a supportive environment for bonding and interaction. I would let participants interact at their rhythm, use affirming, sympathetic language and statements rather than pertinent questions, talk with participants about the group process, and repeatedly emphasize each participant’s duty to the group and other participants to encourage active participation. I would also routinely ask participants to evaluate their impressions and encounters periodically.(Analyzing Group Techniques Comprehensive Nursing Paper Example)

What to expect in Different Stages of Group Therapy

Each phase of group therapy has a goal that must be achieved to implement group work successfully. I anticipate that during the group-forming phase, members will get to know group members’ names and the problems they deal with. According to Richard (2020), conflict amongst group members during the storming stage is expected due to the variety of characters, attitudes, and objectives. I believe that throughout the norming phase, participants will become accustomed to one another, forge significant connections, and engage in productive communication. I anticipate that when people perform on stage, they will start discussing their problems and supporting one another. I expect that by the time the meeting adjourns, participants will have successfully overcome their issues, reintegrated into society, and resumed leading regular lives.(Analyzing Group Techniques Comprehensive Nursing Paper Example)

Benefits and Challenges of Group Therapy

Group therapy helps address addiction, alcoholism, and mental health problems. It connects users with others going through similar or related situations, giving them a sense of comfort and belonging. People feel a sense of belonging since they are encircled by people also dealing with relatable problems. According to Wendt and Gone (2018), people greatly benefit from having a support system, and by hearing and exchanging ideas with others, they can acquire new perspectives. However, talking before an audience or sharing embarrassing experiences might be uneasy. Additionally, the conflict between personalities is common, and group members may sense a violation of confidentiality. The therapist may have trouble establishing a high-functioning group of patients to assist them in recouping and dealing with planning issues, especially scheduling conflicts.(Analyzing Group Techniques Comprehensive Nursing Paper Example)

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Group therapy allows a practitioner or a group of practitioners to treat multiple patients simultaneously. It is used in various healthcare settings, adopting different techniques based on the needs of patients or group members. The video analyzed in this paper adopts the interpersonal group therapy technique suitable for individuals with relatable experiences. The therapist maintained the session skillfully, allowing individuals to share their experiences, learn from others, and encourage recovery. If I were handling this session, I would avoid probing questions and allow time for members to deal with their feelings and emotions while sharing their experiences before asking them to resume. (Analyzing Group Techniques Comprehensive Nursing Paper Example)


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