493 Topic 5 DQ1-Evidence-Based Projects-Nursing Paper Examples

Evidence-Based Projects-Nursing Paper Examples

Evidence-based projects are successful when they achieve the desired objectives and meet or exceed the stakeholders’ expectations. The stakeholders comprise individuals who are interested in or care about the project, are actively involved with its work, and gain or lose from its implementation. My capstone change project aims to implement evidence-based care bundles to reduce Healthcare-associated infections among hospitalized patients. Stakeholders’ support will be instrumental in promoting the success of this project (Evidence-Based Projects-Nursing Paper Examples).

The internal stakeholders play an instrumental role in facilitating the project through their skills, knowledge, and competency. Consequently, aimed at implementing the proposed change. The internal stakeholders for my project comprise the healthcare facility employees, administrators, and management teams in the organization. Hence, remain directly affected by HAIs and the proposed change. The healthcare facility’s employees entail; clinicians such as medical doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, anaesthesiologists, and pharmacists. In addition, non-clinical staff such as cleaners and cooks affect the environment and food hygiene.

The facility’s management team and administrators are also directly affected by the change. Therefore, their support through mobilizing employees and providing resources will be vital for the project’s success. The external stakeholders will comprise individuals outside the organizations affected by the proposed change, such as patients, their families/caregivers, and the community. The government and its leaders also impact the project’s success by providing resources such as financial support and formulating policies that support evidence-based practice (Evidence-Based Projects-Nursing Paper Examples).

Subsequently, securing stakeholders’ support ensures the project receives attention, dedication, and resources for successful implementation. It also aids in building positive relationships and sustaining support for the initiative while improving communication and collaboration, which is critical in decision-making (Miller et al., 2021). One of the main strategies to acquire stakeholders’ support is creating awareness about the project. During this project, I will attend seminars and conferences to create awareness while educating the stakeholders on the significance of implementing EBP to improve patient outcomes. I will use digital media and community leaders to reach out to the members of the public (Evidence-Based Projects-Nursing Paper Examples).


Miller, D. W., Roseen, E. J., Stone, J. A., Gardiner, P., Olson, J., Rosen, S., … & PCORI-SAR Stakeholder Group. (2021). Incorporating acupuncture into American healthcare: initiating a discussion on implementation science, the status of the field, and stakeholder considerations. Global advances in health and medicine10, 21649561211042574. https://journals.sagepub.com/doi/full/10.1177/21649561211042574

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