Week 2 Discussion – European Countries Health Care delivery

What can Americans learn from that system of health care delivery — good and bad?  Country I chose is Germany.

Week 2 Discussion – European Countries Health Care delivery-Sample Solution

European Countries Health Care Delivery

According to Commonwealth, the United States ranked last in healthcare delivery among the high-income countries (Stoicea et al., 2019). In this regard, the United States can learn from Germany how it can improve healthcare delivery to its citizens. Therefore, this paper aims to highlight the positives and negatives of the German healthcare systems that the United States can adopt.(European-Countries HealthCare delivery EssaySample)

First, Germany has a universal multiplayer healthcare system encompassing private health insurance for individuals who earn more and want their coverage. Additionally, it has statutory health insurance for citizens who earn below a given salary (Köppen et al., 2020). It also exempts the disabled, elderly, individuals living in poverty, and the disabled from paying their health insurance while still providing medical care to these populations (Röttger et al., 2018). In this regard, the all-in-one approach enhances equality in medical care delivery. It also limits out–of–pocket costs, reducing the chances of having surprise medical bills (Achstetter et al., 2022).

The U.S can adopt this approach to this dual public-private healthcare system to improve healthcare delivery. Ideally, most Americans pay high premiums for their medical cover using out-of-pocket costs. However, individuals without insurance must pay for their healthcare costs using fee-for-service plans. In this regard, the U.S can adopt the employer-based medical insurance model to reduce the expenses incurred to cover insurance premiums. As a result, healthcare facilities will provide quality healthcare services at lower costs and reduce the financial barriers which limit healthcare delivery.(European-Countries HealthCare delivery EssaySample)

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On the other hand, medication limitations exist in the German healthcare system. Specifically, healthcare providers have to explore all possible alternatives before providing medication. (Stoicea et al. (2019) highlight that doctors mainly prescribe over-the-counter pain killers, which are often insufficient and may negatively affect the health of individuals. While it helps to reduce addiction to prescription drugs, it affects the efficiency of the treatment.(European-Countries HealthCare delivery EssaySample)

European-Countries HealthCare delivery EssaySample


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