Environmental Forces and Forces Analysis-Nursing Paper Examples

Environmental Forces and Analysis-Nursing Paper Examples

Artificial intelligence (AI) has provided groundbreaking opportunities for improving healthcare provision and delivery worldwide (Matheny et al., 2020). It employs smart robots, natural language processing, and machine learning (ML) algorithms that mimic human cognition to improve various aspects of healthcare, such as disease diagnosis and decision-making. Many hospitals, such as Cleveland Clinic in the United States (US), have adopted AI to improve healthcare applications, like examining patient information and improving diagnostic procedures (Environmental Forces and Analysis-Nursing Paper Examples).

According to Lee and Yoon (2021), AI-based technologies, such as targeted treatment, AI chatbots, and electronic health records (EHR) management systems have revolutionized the healthcare industry by reducing human errors, assisting patient examination and communication, and ensuring proper storage of patient’s health records. These trends promise improved quality and efficiency in healthcare delivery, leading to improved health outcomes and reduced mortality rates (Environmental Forces and Analysis-Nursing Paper Examples).


As a marketing consultant, it is important to enlighten Cleveland Clinic on how it can leverage AI to improve its market potential. For instance, AI can influence the quality of services offered at the hospital, increasing its market potential. The adoption of AI at Cleveland Clinic influences the marketing of the organization’s services worldwide by giving it a competitive advantage over other healthcare organizations (Lee & Yoon, 2021) (Environmental Forces and Analysis-Nursing Paper Examples).

For instance, the healthcare organization employs state-of-the-art AI applications to enhance healthcare services, such as diagnosis and analysis of diagnostic results, such as analysis of computer tomography (CT) scans of the body tissues. These AI applications enhance service delivery at the hospital, enabling it to attract huge market potential. Besides, AI reduces the cost of healthcare services at the hospital, making healthcare affordable to many people (Environmental Forces and Analysis-Nursing Paper Examples).

Matheny et al. (2020) illustrate that AI has significantly reduced healthcare costs by reducing diagnosis and treatment duration since its inception. This includes reducing accommodation and waiting times, especially in in-patient settings, and ensuring patients receive prompt and appropriate treatment before their conditions worsen (Shimonski, 2021). This bolsters the hospital’s marketing, enabling it to attract a huge customer base comprising rich and poor people who may find it difficult to access costly healthcare services (Environmental Forces and Analysis-Nursing Paper Examples).

Additionally, AI enhances remote healthcare service delivery, allowing the hospital to serve patients in remote and inaccessible regions (Matheny et al., 2020). AI enhances the accessibility of healthcare services through remote patient monitoring, enabling physicians to attend to patient needs, like consultation and reminding patients about medication use and adherence to prescriptions. This makes it preferable among patients, enabling the hospital to command a huge market share. Therefore, Cleveland Clinic can leverage trends in AI in healthcare to bolster its marketing campaigns by enabling it to stand out among the most preferred hospitals among diverse groups of people (Environmental Forces and Analysis-Nursing Paper Examples).

Analysis of AI use at Cleveland Clinics

Cleveland Clinic partnered with Palantir Technologies Inc. to develop a virtual command center to provide real-time information to maximize hospital resource utilization and enhance healthcare provision (Kennedy, 2023). The center facilitates data-driven decision-making across the organization, resulting in high-quality patient care. The clinic uses AI-based applications across various aspects of healthcare delivery, such as clinical research and trials (Environmental Forces and Analysis-Nursing Paper Examples).

Cleveland Clinic’s departments, such as the Neurological Institute, employ AI in preclinical and clinical trials to determine effective preventive and treatment measures for neurological-related diseases, such as sleep disorders and multiple sclerosis. Besides, it applies AI to provide accurate analysis of medical images from CT scans to reduce human errors and improve the quality of healthcare (Shimonski, 2021). The hospital is renowned for providing efficient and improved healthcare services due to the integration of AI into its operations, which minimizes human errors, ensuring efficient medical service delivery (Environmental Forces and Analysis-Nursing Paper Examples).

Moreover, it analyzes patient data using AI to enhance predictability and proactivity of healthcare delivery. Bajwa et al. (2021) explain that the technology utilizes advanced algorithms in data analysis and mimics human cognition to enhance decision-making based on the available data, making it easy to predict various outcomes for each procedure involved in patient care, such as diagnosis or preventive care recommendations.

Furthermore, the healthcare organization migrated from using biopsy to AI in diagnosing cancer, improving the accuracy of digital scans of cancer cell mutations (Lee & Yoon, 2021). It applies machine learning tools to enhance cancer detection and diagnosis, facilitating the identification of tumors and lesions that doctors will likely miss. Thus, Cleveland Clinic uses AI to understand its full healthcare delivery potential, resulting in improved and efficient healthcare services (Environmental Forces and Analysis-Nursing Paper Examples)

SWOT Analysis

SWOT analysis of AI applications at Cleveland Clinics identifies the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats associated with the technology (Environmental Forces and Analysis-Nursing Paper Examples).

Environmental Forces and Analysis-Nursing Paper Examples
Environmental Forces and Analysis-Nursing Paper Examples


The strengths of AI in healthcare include improved decision-making based on accurate analysis of patient data and recommendations of effective treatment and preventive measures (Morley et al., 2021). Bajwa et al. (2021) observe that AI is also accurate and efficient, which reduces errors in diagnosis and analysis of diagnosis results obtained from various tools like CT scans. It also streamlines patient care, such as communication and analysis of healthcare trends (Environmental Forces and Analysis-Nursing Paper Examples).


AI is associated with various weaknesses, such as increased risk of ethical and privacy concerns, especially when third parties access patient data (Morley et al., 2021). Besides, AI does not have human touch and creativity, such as intuition and emotional connection, reducing its efficiency in marketing the hospital’s services. Also, Shimonski (2021) explains that AI requires human input to monitor the system, manage behaviors, and emphasize the patients’ conditions (Environmental Forces and Forces Analysis-Nursing Paper Examples).


The hospital can fully integrate AI into its systems and departments, improving service delivery. Also, the hospital can improve the efficiency of its AI systems by improving the algorithms used (Bajwa et al., 2021). Future developments can enhance the sophistication of ML algorithms for efficient use of the systems (Environmental Forces and Forces Analysis-Nursing Paper Examples).


AI can cause unemployment since it can be automated to perform administrative roles like using chatbots for patient communication, making the roles redundant (Shimonski, 2021). AI systems, such as EHR systems, contain millions of patient data, which can be targeted by hackers, resulting in privacy breaches.

Table showing SWOT analysis of AI application at Cleveland clinics

Strengths Reduced human errorsImproved clinical decision-making.Streamlines hospital operations.Weaknesses Increased risk of ethical and privacy concerns.Lack of human touch and creativity.Requires human input which increases its implementation costs.
Opportunities AI can be integrated in every system and department of the hospital to enhance service delivery.Improve ML algorithms.Threats Increased risk of patients’ data breach.Could lead to unemployment in the organization.
Environmental Forces and Forces Analysis-Nursing Paper Examples


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