Emerging Areas of Human Health Topic 2: Genetics I-Nursing Paper Examples

Topic 2 DQ2 (Emerging Areas of Human Health-Nursing Paper Examples)

A comprehensive family health history constitutes general information about the health history of a patient’s relatives, such as congenital disabilities, intellectual disability, and chronic health concerns (Frenn & Whitehead, 2021). Consequently, integrating the comprehensive assessment results with physical assessment and health promotion information activities is crucial in improving patient care (Emerging Areas of Human Health-Nursing Paper Examples).

The comprehensive family history assessment provides information that can determine a patient’s risk of developing specific disorders. Hence, making it easy to identify the most suitable preventive and treatment interventions, such as lifestyle changes. Moreover, to prevent diabetes or heart failure (Bylstra et al., 2021) (Emerging Areas of Human Health).

Emerging Areas of Human Health-Nursing Paper Examples
Emerging Areas of Human Health-Nursing Paper Examples

Besides, integrating the family health history into the patient’s physical assessment accurately provides a comprehensive picture of the family’s health status (Frenn & Whitehead, 2021). In this case, patients and their families share various factors like genetics, environment, and lifestyle, which influence the development of similar health disorders among individuals (Emerging Areas of Human Health-Nursing Paper Examples).

Additionally, the assessment information helps in patient empowerment and influences up-to-date research. It can guide the provision of up-to-date disease treatment and management strategies, owing to the evolution in medicine and disease prognosis. It also enhances transparency and provision of health care based on patients’ choices, leading to patient empowerment (van der Merwe et al., 2022) (Emerging Areas of Human Health-Nursing Paper Examples).

A DNP-prepared nurse can incorporate genetics and genomics into practice by utilizing the family health history information on genetic risk factors to provide patient-centered care. Ikpasaja (2021) observes that genetic information can help them identify interventions specific to the patient, such as the need to control sugar uptake to reduce the risk of diabetes (Emerging Areas of Human Health-Nursing Paper Examples).

Besides, the nurses can utilize genetics assessment knowledge to create awareness about the need for genetic testing among patients, resulting in improved disease prognosis and treatment process. Additionally, nurses can apply the definitive genetic testing diagnosis to make effective patient referrals to specialists for specialized care. Clarke (2019) explains that genetics and genomics knowledge enable nurses to understand the context of inheritable disorders and respective interventions, leading to positive treatment outcomes ((Emerging Areas of Human Health-Nursing Paper Examples)).


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