Emergency Response Systems-Nursing Paper Examples

A Disaster Response Story (Emergency Response Systems)

In “A Disaster Response Story,” the video is based on emergency response systems and expounds on ways emergency personnel use integrated alerting systems to communicate alarms and warnings on projected events. Emergency management systems respond to various events by providing crucial information and linking necessary resources (Intermedix Corporation, 2013). National emergency standards have been set to avert human and environmental adversities, particularly storms and other natural calamities, as they are compelled to initiate early preparation. 

Emergency Response Systems
Emergency Response Systems

I believe that agencies should practice communication skills and incorporate training at varying time intervals. In most career fields, training is crucial for recruitment and overall management towards attaining qualified personnel. Also, coordination activities are effective approaches to human day-to-day activities (Chen et al., 2019)(Emergency Response Systems).

As much as a nation continues to grapple with emergency issues, emergency management leaders should provide adequate and effective reflective methodologies to avert the possibility of disasters and unfavorable events. Therefore, agencies should maintain readiness for any eventualities, and this denotes their functionalities in society. The response initiation occurs at the city, state, and federal levels.

Emergency Response Systems
Emergency Response Systems

On the other hand, training requires incorporation at least once a year. An emergency response comprises sophisticated processes, most of which are embodied through training and effective communications. Consequently, some events that require agencies to enact effective communication and training are terrorist attacks, natural disasters, and mass shootings(Emergency Response Systems).

An example of emergency response in action involves the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) deploying field operatives to assess situations to determine changes and identify signs of perceived emergencies (Bandi & Fellah, 2021). This means that these operatives should be regularly trained, at least weekly, to ensure public safety and environmental protection are achieved. However, to ensure adequate emergency response systems should be able to predict and address predetermined events without having to subject people to compromising situations(Emergency Response Systems).


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