5-1 Discussion Responses-effective communication-nursing Paper Examples

Response to Classmate 1 (Effective Communication-Nursing Paper Examples)


Your discussion offers valuable insights into communication failures, causes, and strategies to increase communication effectiveness. Project development and implementation can only be successful with effective communication about its purpose, implications to various individuals and organizations, the impact of the change on people, the need for commitment and engagement throughout the project, and leadership support (Effective Communication-Nursing Paper Examples ).

Effective Communication-Nursing Paper Examples
Effective Communication-Nursing Paper Examples

The project director and leadership must communicate these elements clearly to ensure that every stakeholder understands the project to develop commitment. In your case, the leaders shared the potential benefits of the project but failed to address resistance to change or lack of buy-in (Effective Communication-Nursing Paper Examples).

Stating the TQM would be successful would not help convince people to be committed and support the project. A comprehensive project proposal, which includes a SWOT analysis, budgeting plan, practice significance, roles and responsibilities of everyone, and a timeline, can help convince people to remain engaged in the project throughout the development and implementation phases (Effective Communication-Nursing Paper Examples ).

Leaders are key stakeholders in every project, and when leaders demonstrate a lack of commitment, it cascades down to other team members. Leaders must lead by example for others to follow, and, therefore, the project leadership should ensure that organizational leadership understands the project better than others and is more committed to bolstering investment into the project by other team stakeholders (Effective Communication-Nursing Paper Examples).

A communication plan is crucial to any project as it helps identify various projects, their influence, the type of communication channel suitable for each, communication frequency, and the owner of the communication (Lavallee, 2023). It would ensure consistent and timely communication with every stakeholder, which is critical to fostering commitment to the project. Indeed, a project team is required to help develop and implement a project. Thus, leaders must establish a team of diversely skilled and talented individuals (Duggan, 2022). Every team member must advocate for the project and preferably select project pioneers to help deal with resistance to change (Effective Communication-Nursing Paper Examples).  


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Response to Classmate 2


Your discussion is informative and demonstrates the importance of complete and concise communication in a change project. You have discussed a change project implementation where leaders and project directors failed to communicate what to expect with the new system. Implementing a new system is challenging, and transitioning can take a long time (Effective Communication-Nursing Paper Examples ).

However, the potential setbacks or system needs full integration should be communicated to employees to prepare them to address them and avoid the frustrations and probable resistance to adopt the new systems. Lack of effective and proper training can lead to employees reverting to the older system they were accustomed to avoid the challenges of implementing a new system (Effective Communication-Nursing Paper Examples ).

You have also discussed the challenges of transitioning into a new system in the middle of a calendar year. I agree that a project timeline should consider a transitioning period, which is recommended at the end of a calendar year. The company should train employees adequately, which is challenging in the middle of the calendar year, which is among the busiest periods for any company, and there is no adequate time to train people and implement a new system (Effective Communication-Nursing Paper Examples ).

I agree that better communication concerning the new system and potential transitioning challenges to prepare employees adequately is crucial. Leaders should create more time to engage employees, collect feedback, address concerns, and offer guidance before adopting a new system (Lavallee, 2023). A lack of proper understanding of the new system means people will struggle to use it, increasing the risk of failure (Effective Communication-Nursing Paper Examples ).

People are often frustrated when they lack proper training and preparation for using a new system. Training should not be downplayed because it is a critical success factor for any project (Farias & Resende, 2020). I concur that the organization could reconsider system roll-out to a department by department instead of the whole organization roll-out. Trying the system in one department would help identify issues and address them before adopting the system organization-wide (Effective Communication-Nursing Paper Examples ).


Farias, J. S., & Resende, M. M. (2020, February 10). Impact of training on the implementation of a new electronic system and acceptance of new technologies in a federal institution of higher education. Revista de Administração da UFSM, vol. 13, no. 4, pp. 773-791. https://doi.org/10.5902/1983465932624 

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