Doctoral Strategies Essay and Attestation-Nursing Paper Examples

Often, a DNP program can be challenging. In this assignment, I will reflect on the DNP orientation webinar, the doctoral disposition, and the resources introduced in this topic to promote successful learning (Doctoral Strategies Essay and Attestation).

Doctoral Strategies Essay and Attestation
DNP orientation webinar

Personal Concerns and Solutions

My concerns about enrolling in the DNP program were primarily defined by how I would organize myself, given the perceived demand and commitment the program requires. For instance, I was concerned about time commitments, how to calculate practice immersion hours, and how to use the program resources. These concerns have been effectively addressed through the webinar. The webinar provided detailed information procedures for site approval, getting site mentors, and program documents. More so, that have equally suppressed these concerns (Grand Canyon University, 2019) (Doctoral Strategies Essay and Attestation).

Anticipated Expectations, Challenges, and Personal Strengths

I anticipate developing advanced clinical skills, evidence-based practice, leadership, and research through the Grand Canyon University (GCU) DNP program. I expect my pursuit of GCU’s DNP program will be exhilarating, challenging, and rewarding. The program requires more time commitment, academic rigor, and research skills. Consequently, I will balance academic and career demands with personal responsibilities. In addition, I will adapt to the new level of academic expectations and develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Consequently, to succeed in the program. Lastly, I will acquire research skills to appraise literature and identify evidence-based practices (Doctoral Strategies Essay and Attestation).

Despite these needs, I believe I have all the personal strength to succeed. For instance, I am self-organized, and I can allocate sufficient time for academics, career, and social life demands and prioritize tasks, which is crucial to succeeding in the program. Moreover, I have a critical thinking ability, which I believe will be vital in adapting to the DNP level of study. Furthermore, I am motivated to succeed and will be certain to complete the desired clinical requirements, including clinical hours, and balance other academic-related obligations. I look forward to developing self-discipline and intrinsic motivation to pursue this long yet fulfilling educational journey (Doctoral Strategies Essay and Attestation).

Plan for Being a Successful Learner

My plan to succeed in the DNP program remain guided by the goals I ought to achieve at the end of my studies, the strategies I will use to accomplish these goals, and how to manage competing needs at the career and family levels. Setting goals and time management are crucial to DNP student success (Reid & DeGennaro, 2021). First, I have set clear goals driven by milestones throughout the study period. These goals include academic and professional goals and the plans to achieve them. I have created a study schedule for personal study, class time, assignments, and other academic demands (Doctoral Strategies Essay and Attestation).

Additionally, I remain determined to organize, use to-do lists, study plans, and calendars to manage my time. Significantly, I put more priority on coursework to make sure every other requirement remain duly completed. I also plan to collaborate with my peers, engage with the faculty through group and class discussions, and seek feedback to deepen my understanding of crucial concepts and enhance my learning. Moreover, I plan to seek provided and additional resources in the library and online learning tools to supplement my coursework. Lastly, I plan to continue caring for myself, maintaining a healthy work-academic-social life balance to avoid potential burnout and maintain focus.

Information Literacy (Doctoral Strategies Essay and Attestation)

Information literacy is the ability to recognize the need for information, identify, appraise, and effectively use the needed information (Laretive, 2019). Consequently, Information literacy is important in the DNP program as it empowers learners to recognize the need for information. More so, based on practice gaps, appraise, collate, and ethically use crucial information for social, personal, and educational needs (Doctoral Strategies Essay and Attestation).

As a DNP student, utilizing resources from the Writing Center and the GCU Library can help me become a more skilled learner by improving my writing and critical thinking skills, identifying evidence-based resources, and improving my research abilities. Moreover, I will strengthen my information literacy by conducting effective research. Hence, learning how to evaluate sources of information, and developing appropriate reading skills (Doctoral Strategies Essay and Attestation).


The information from the orientation webinar, the doctoral disposition, and resources introduced on this topic to promote successful learning have been helpful. From now on, I remain determined to use the provided guidance to ensure I achieve my goals and succeed in the program. I also remain open to externally relevant sources of information to enhance my competence (Doctoral Strategies Essay and Attestation).


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Laretive, J. (2019). Information literacy, young learners and the role of the teacher-librarian. Journal of the Australian Library and Information Association68(3), 225-235. Reid, K. R., & DeGennaro, R. M. (2021). Practical tips for successfully completing a Doctor of Nursing (DNP) program.

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