15 DNP Project Ideas on Food Insecurity with an Example

Food insecurity is a critical public health issue that hinders positive health outcomes, particularly among vulnerable populations. For Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) students, addressing food insecurity provides an opportunity to promote community health. This article will explore various DNP project ideas on food insecurity with an example.

If you are a DNP student stuck on your project, this article provides topic ideas on food insecurity in relation to food pantries and diabetes. These project ideas align with the core competencies of DNP education and have the potential to foster meaningful change in communities.

Food Insecurity DNP Project Ideas

Food insecurity refers to the lack of consistent access to enough food for an active, healthy life. This issue presents a critical public health challenge which needs to be addressed to promote positive health outcomes. Students undertaking DNP projects can select topics ranging from developing screening tools to identifying at-risk populations, creating intervention programs, and evaluating the effectiveness of various strategies.

Topic Ideas

  1. Development and Implementation of a Food Insecurity Screening Tool in Primary Care Settings.
  2. Evaluating the Impact of Nutrition Education Programs on Food Insecure Families.
  3. Creating a Community-Based Intervention to Reduce Food Insecurity Among Elderly Populations.
  4. Assessing the Role of Mobile Food Pantries in Alleviating Food Insecurity in Urban Areas.
  5. Integrating Food Security Measures into Chronic Disease Management Programs.

When implementing a DNP project on food insecurity, students should consider the following steps:

  1. Conduct a thorough literature review to understand the current landscape and identify gaps in the field.
  2. Engage with community stakeholders to ensure the project addresses real needs and gains support from the local community.
  3. Develop a clear and measurable plan, including SMART objectives, methodologies, and evaluation strategies.
  4. Implement the project, monitor progress, and make adjustments as necessary to improve outcomes.
  5. Evaluate outcomes and disseminate findings to contribute to the broader knowledge base and inform future initiatives.
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Food Pantries DNP Project Ideas

Food pantries play a pivotal role in addressing food insecurity at the community level. DNP students can undertake projects that focus on optimizing the operations and outreach of these pantries to increase food access to the vulnerable populations.

Topic Ideas

  1. Enhancing Accessibility to Food Pantries for Low-Income Families Through Telehealth and Digital Platforms.
  2. Evaluating the Nutritional Quality of Food Distributed by Community Pantries.
  3. Implementing a Volunteer Training Program to Improve Food Pantry Services.
  4. Assessing the Impact of Food Pantry Services on Health Outcomes in Low-Income Communities.
  5. Developing Partnerships Between Food Pantries and Healthcare Providers to Address Food Insecurity Holistically.

When undertaking a DNP project focused on food pantries, students should consider the following steps.

  1. Conducting needs assessments to understand the specific challenges faced by food pantries and their clients.
  2. Collaborating with pantry staff, volunteers, and community partners to develop targeted interventions.
  3. Implementing strategies to improve food sourcing, storage, distribution, and client education.
  4. Monitoring and evaluating the impact of these interventions on food security and health outcomes.

Diabetes DNP Project Ideas

Food insecurity and chronic diseases such as diabetes are closely interlinked, making it an ideal area of research. DNP students can explore this relationship and develop interventions aimed at improving health outcomes for individuals living with diabetes who are also facing food insecurity.

Topic Ideas

  1. Assessing the Impact of Food Insecurity on Glycemic Control in Diabetic Patients.
  2. Implementing a Diabetes Self-Management Program for Food Insecure Individuals.
  3. Evaluating the Effectiveness of Food Prescription Programs in Managing Diabetes.
  4. Developing an Integrated Care Model to Address Food Insecurity and Diabetes Concurrently.
  5. Investigating the Role of Nutrition Assistance Programs in Improving Diabetes Outcomes Among Food Insecure Populations.

When developing a project on the relationship between food insecurity and diabetes, DNP students should consider the following steps:

  1. Conduct a comprehensive needs assessment to identify the specific challenges faced by individuals with or at risk for diabetes who are also face food insecurity.
  2. Develop and implement evidence-based interventions tailored to the needs of this population.
  3. Collaborate with healthcare providers, community organizations, and policymakers to ensure a holistic approach.
  4. Monitor and evaluate the impact of these interventions on diabetes outcomes and food security status.
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Example on Food Insecurity

Here is an example of a DNP capstone project on food insecurity;

DNP project ideas on food insecurity

Food insecurity in India is attributed to several factors, including poverty, population growth, and corruption (Kumbhar, 2010). Recently, the country was ranked third among the fastest-developing nations. However, the status of food insecurity issues raises uncertainty about future food production and distribution. The country is struggling with hunger and poverty, which has led to widespread malnutrition. According to India Food Banking Network (IFBN) (2020), approximately 189 million people are malnourished this year, equating to 14% of the total population.

The high rate of food insecurity is also attributed to poor agricultural policies that result in food loss and waste between production and consumption (IFBN, 2020). Moreover, the high poverty index is a major contributing factor to food insecurity in India. Upadhyay & Palanivel (2011) found out that most of the population is food insecure due to increased competition and demand for the available food, which often results in malnutrition among children. Equally, poverty limits the amount of food that a family can access which indicates food insecurity. Poverty results from wage differentials, which are gender-specific in India, where women are paid less wages than men. As a result, the productivity of women is limited, jeopardizing their access to food. Therefore, there is a need to address this problem to improve the health outcomes of this population.


India Food Banking Network. (2020). Hunger in India. Retrieved 16 November 2020, from https://www.indiafoodbanking.org/hunger.

Upadhyay, R. P., & Palanivel, C. (2011). Challenges in achieving food security in India. Iranian journal of public health, 40(4), 31. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3481742/


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  1. What are the 4 aspects of food insecurity?

The four aspects of food insecurity include; access, availability, stability, and utilization.

  1. What is a DNP project proposal?

A DNP project proposal refers to an intervention, policy, program, or quality improvement project, among other creative ideas, that enhances or changes outcomes related to individual and community healthcare or healthcare systems.

  1. What are examples of food insecurity?

Some of the ways one can identify food insecurity are by experiencing increased anxiety and stress about the cost of food, eating a limited variety of foods or the same meal consistently, lack of access to a balanced diet, low-cost foods, and compromising healthy foods, to save money.

  1. What makes a good DNP project?

Good DNP projects should improve practice or policy outcomes and enhance health outcomes through evidence-based findings.

  1. How do I choose a topic for a DNP project?

One of the best ways to select a topic for your DNP project is to identify a feasible project that has the potential to create a positive impact on healthcare systems or community health outcomes.

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