Discussion Post 2.1-Nursing Paper Examples

Reply to Elliot (Discussion Post 2.1)

Your discussion was engaging and informative. I support your argument that we frequently cannot express ourselves when we feel we lack enough words to describe and match our feelings. I liked that you provided an example of how professionals should choose words appropriately, as it affects how various people react in different circumstances. I also support that healthcare professionals should avoid making unpredictable promises. We should take care of what we say, as it will eventually affect how we think and act (Discussion Post 2.1).

In addition, it is essential to mention the benefits of speaking and understanding different languages in society. Speaking different languages promotes communication between people from familiar and different cultures. In this case, language is intrinsic to cultural expression as it aids in communicating our values, customs, and beliefs (Risager, 2020). Language is an essential social function that conveys, preserves, and fosters societal identity and solidarity through terminologies, syntax, slang, or cultural trends that shape cultural beliefs (Discussion Post 2.1).

Discussion Post 2.1
benefits of speaking and understanding different languages in society


Risager, K. (2020). Linguaculture and transnationalityThe cultural dimensions of language. In The Routledge handbook of language and intercultural communication (pp. 109-123). Routledge.

Reply to Rindlisbacher (Discussion Post 2.1)

Your discussion was educative and fascinating. I support your claim that speaking and reading different languages improves our insight into various concepts. Language is also cultural, as it reflects how we think and behave. One of the main points I picked out from your discussion is that language varies depending on the setting and age groups. In this case, I agree that generations have language differences from millennials and the boomers. Also, employers and employees use formal, respectful language in a professional setting (Discussion Post 2.1).

You also mentioned that second language learning improves peoples’ cognitive abilities, such as critical thinking, memory, and problem-solving. Notably, modern technology has far and wide allowed the evaluation of brain functions and their influence on cognition through brain imaging and investigative procedures such as fMRI (Deldar et al., 2021). Language is concerned with recursive and reciprocal information exchange with the mind to exchange information between language and cognitive factors such as consciousness, memory, and perception. Therefore, language is created in the mind, spoken, and the words reverted to the mind for comprehension (Discussion Post 2.1).


Deldar, Z., Gevers-Montoro, C., Khatibi, A., & Ghazi-Saidi, L. (2021). The interaction between language and working memory: a systematic review of fMRI studies in the past two decades. AIMS neuroscience8(1), 1.

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