Week 8 Ideal Job Essay: Dermatology Nurse Practitioner – Sample Solution

My ideal job would be to be a dermatology nurse practitioner. I will specialize in assessing, treating, and managing dermatological conditions and infections…


Discuss your ideal job. What are your plans for finding that position? What are your plans for preparing for application and interview so that you are hired for that position? Explore guidelines for cover letter and interview.

My ideal job would be in Dermatology, have small aesthetic practice, would like to expand and learn more about ethnic skin.


Discuss Your Ideal Job – Dermatology Nurse Practitioner

My ideal job would be to be a dermatology nurse practitioner. I will specialize in assessing, treating, and managing dermatological conditions and infections. Sreekantaswamy (2021) defines dermatology as the branch of medicine that deals with skin functions, structure, and diseases. Skin is an essential body part that protects our internal organs from physical, thermal, and mechanical injury. In this case, I would like to help patients by diagnosing, treating and managing skin issues and performing specific skin treatment procedures.

What Are Your Plans for Finding That Position? 

There are several requirements to become a dermatology nurse practitioner. While these requirements may vary with state, one should have an up-to-date license, have a master’s or doctoral degree in science and nursing from an accredited medical institution, be board certified by ANCC or AANP, and specialize in dermatology practice (Hanchett, 2018). I have minimum aesthetic practice and am board certified by AANP.

While I have met these qualifications, I look forward to completing my Master’s degree in August 2022 to practice as a dermatology nursing practitioner. However, I need a collaborating physician for drug prescription practice in New Jersey. I also look forward to learning more about ethnic skin to meet the needs of patients from diverse cultural and demographic backgrounds. As a result, I will be better placed to provide patient-centered care, which is vital in improving health outcomes.

What Are Your Plans for Preparing for the Application and Interview That You Are Hired For That Position? 

First, in addition to the academic and experience requirements, I plan to write a summary of my accomplishments and passions, which can describe details about myself (Health eCareers, 2019). Second, I plan to highlight my enthusiasm and motivation to branch into dermatology.

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Discuss Your Ideal Job - Dermatology Nurse Practitioner
Discuss Your Ideal Job – Dermatology Nurse Practitioner

Specifically, I am passionate about the skin and would love to serve patients with eczema, skin cancer, acne, hair loss, psoriasis, and rosacea, among other skin conditions to improve their health outcomes.

Moreover, I chose to specialize in dermatology because while the skin is the largest body organ and the first in the line of defense, I would love to have an opportunity to help patients understand their skins and take preventive measures to avoid extreme skin damage (Sreekantaswamy et al., 2021). Lastly, I plan to research the organizations interviewing me to understand their values and missions and align my goals with theirs. With this preparation, I will be better placed to pass the interview and practice as a dermatology nurse practitioner.


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