Topic 3 DQ 2-Customizing alerts for the AI-CDSS-Nursing Essay Samples

Customizing alerts for the AI-CDSS

Customizing alerts for the AI-CDSS selected in discussion question one is necessary to ensure the hospital and providers only respond to necessary and clinically significant alerts. Customization allows for the quick inclusion or exclusion of variables. More so, which remain infeasible with out-of-the-box alerts, and helps prevent alerts from misunderstanding. For example, if a patient also takes argatroban, alarms for a high INR can remain silenced by adding “if-then” or “and/or/not” lines. Argatroban remain visible to boost INR unintentionally.

 Customizing alerts for the AI-CDSS
Customizing alerts for the AI-CDSS

For patients, such as those receiving care in the intensive care unit, who already have greater monitoring. Consequently, it may be beneficial to tailor some notifications (Choukroun et al., 2022). Additionally, customization enables the CDSS system to expand in the event of an incoming disease. For instance, it remain crucial to have an alerting system capable of swiftly developing rules. More so, to identify patients who report recent trips to the regions affected by the pandemic during the COVID-19 outbreak.

The issue of alert fatigue is inherently related to both the technology itself and how busy providers use it. Hence, solving alert fatigue will involve the application of both informatics and human factors engineering approaches. The recommendation to nursing leadership remains to customize the CDSS. More so, by increasing alert specificity by minimizing or eliminating clinically pointless signals. In addition, customizing alerts to patient attributes and crucial integrated clusters of physiological signs. Furthermore, categorizing notifications based on their seriousness and ensuring only high-level alerts remain interruptive (Customizing alerts for the AI-CDSS).

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Moreover, using human factors design concepts when creating alerts, and sharing alerts in various formats to draw physicians’ attention. More so, to alerts that are more clinically significant (Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality [AHRQ], 2019). Numerous incidents and severe implications for income, expense, and hospital reputation can result from alert fatigue. Although the new customization recommendation might require financial input, it would have feasible fiscal benefits to the organization by eliminating the financial burden associated with the adverse effects of alert fatigue.


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