Comparison between Denmark and US

I’m stuck on a English question and need an explanation.

short assignment it shouldn’t take u more than 2 hours

it’s a comparison between Denmark and US I will provide a link with the web site which contains this comparison( u select the two countries(Denmark and US)). after u select the Denmark and US there is a bottom (read more) will appear click on it the u will find the article under the graph.

this assignment consist of 3 parts

1- table i filled almost the whole table > check grammar and structure and change if there is any thing wrong.

2- (75 words min) In one paragraph, name the two dimensions that are the most different between the two countries and describe how these differences in cultural attitudes might affect policy. (~75-100 words)

3-Using the parental leave related readings provided for you, you will write a short essay that addresses the prompts/questions below (minimum 200 words, ~2-3 paragraphs). You will need to organize your work. Be sure to include in-text citations (you may use APA or MLA style citations), and list your sources at the end under the “Works Cited” heading provided for you.

i provide a pic of the web site u will find the article under it.

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