N4323 Professional Trends – Comparing Professional Organizations Assignment

N4323 Professional Trends – Comparing Professional Organizations Assignment

Week 2 Assignment – Comparing Professional Organizations


Overview: Professional Organization Comparison

In this assignment, compare the Texas Nurses Association with a specialty organization. Use the template below for your assignment and submit by the due date. May use bullet points with correct spelling and grammar. Only the references must be in APA format. This is not a formal research assignment. The purpose is for you to become familiar with the professional organization options available and understand all that the professional organization does for you and the profession of nursing.

Performance Objectives:

· Understand available professional organizations for nurses

· Compare offerings and benefits of two professional organizations

· Define criteria of membership of a professional organization

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Comparing Professional Organizations Assignment
Comparing Professional Organizations Assignment


1. For information on TNA go to www.texasnurses.org.

2. For information about a specialty organization, search a specific specialty clinical organization. There are many specialty organizations, and you should be able to find one for a specialty you might be interested in. Examples include Association of Operating Room Nurses (AORN), or Academy of Medical Surgical Nursing (AMSN) or American Association of Critical Care Nurses (AACN). Choose a specialty you are interested in.

Enter your information directly in the template provided below.


Use this rubric to guide your work on the assignment, “Professional Organizations: Texas Nurses Association and Specialty Organization.”

1. Brief history, purpose, and goals of TNA.2. Brief history, purpose, and goals of the specialty organization selected.10 pointsResponse includes 3-5 professionally written sentences demonstrating critical thinking10 pointsResponse includes 1 sentence0 pointsDoes not answer question5 points
Criteria for membership, target audience, and process for joining for each organization.10 pointsResponse includes 3-5 professionally written sentences demonstrating critical thinking10 pointsResponse includes 1 sentence orDoes not answer question5 points
Summary of a current (less than 5 years) article about being a member of a professional organization30 pointsArticle for professional organization is current (<5 years) and peer reviewed.Three points are listed.30 pointsPoor or no reference is given, and points are missing or poorly written.15 points
Application to nursing: List at least 3 benefits of the organization and to you personally.Give specific barriers to joining.40 pointsDiscuss at least three ways membership in TNA and a specialty organization would benefit you. Also discuss specific barriers you personally might have to joining.40 pointsDiscusses less than 2 ways membership in TNA or another organization benefits.Minimally lists barriers.20 points
List Current References5 pointsFollow APA format for 1-2 references.5 pointsDoes not follow APA format or does not list reference.0 points
Format, grammar, spelling5 pointsAssignment is written clearly without any grammatical or spelling errors.5 pointsAssignment contains 4 or greater grammatical or spelling errors.0 points

Comparing Professional Organizations

Brief history, purpose, and goals of TNA.Brief history, purpose, and goals of the specialty organization selected.TNA.Specialty organization (give name).
Criteria for Membership, target audience, process for joining for TNA/ANA and specialty organization.ANA/TNA:Specialty Organization:
Summary of article about being a member of a professional organization.Find a reference for becoming a member of a professional organization and list pertinent points the article/source makes.Pertinent Points:
Application to nursingDiscuss at least three ways membership would benefit you in both TNA/ANA and the specialty organization. Also discuss any barriers you might have to joining. Be specific and include your personal perspective and goals. Make it personal. Why would you consider becoming a member and why not?(Note the large number of points for this question- The answers to this question should involve some thought and personal perspective)TNA1.2.3.Specialty Organization1.2.3.Personal perspective and goalsPossible Barriers
List your current references. Do not state n.d.Include a reference or article about joining a professional organization, or the organization’s website. Sources should be appropriate to nursing. Use APA format for references.
Format, grammar, spelling are appropriate.Uses the template, typing directly into the template.Uses complete sentences and comments easily read and understandable; grammar, syntax, punctuation.

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