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Communications Project Essay Example

Capture 5 naturally occurring interactions between you/your family members/your roommates and a voice assistant of your choice. Provide recorded audio files for each interaction as well as descriptions of the situation, setting, and the flow of interaction (at least one page of text should accompany each audio file).

Project II, Part 1

  • Max points: 20%
  • Capture 5 naturally occurring interaction between you/your family members/ your roommates and a voice assistant of your choice (select your assistant wisely)
  • Start with observations (You should observe for at least a couple days before recording!)
    • Identify who will be the best person for you to observe (you need a frequent user and a good fiedsite access!)
    • Get familiar with their use of the technology (When do they use it? How do they use it? In what situations?who is there?)
    • Organize for optimal recording (Consider carefully how exactly you will be record photos, notes!)
  • Provide recorded audio files for each interaction. DO NOT FAKE IT!
  • Provide descriptions of the situation, setting, and the flow of interaction (At least one page of text should accompany each audio file)
  • Field notes for the audio recording, at least 1 page for one audio clip
  1. Situation: What is going on? Describe the action that the bot conversation is part of. Then ask yourself: What happened before? What happened then?What happened after that?
  2. Settings: Describe the exact place in which the action took place. Then ask yourself: How often do you see these actions take place is that spot? Was the Place different in any respect this action take place in that spot? Was the place different in any respect this time? Did the place Change in response to the bot conversation in any way?….
  3. Interaction: Describe how exactly the interaction took place. Ask Lwho interacted with the bot? Can you describe emotions involved? Was anybody else present? Did others who were present engage in the interaction in any way? Did they notice that the interaction took place?……
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Be thorough, be a good reporter


Communications Project Essay Example

Recording an audio file for analysis can be a straightforward process. Here are step-by-step instructions to guide you through it:

Materials Needed:

  1. Computer or smartphone with a microphone
  2. Recording software (optional, but recommended)
  3. Quiet and controlled environment(Communications Project Essay Example)


  1. Choose a Recording Device: Decide whether you will use a computer with a built-in microphone, an external microphone, or a smartphone. External microphones often provide better audio quality.
  2. Select Recording Software: If you’re using a computer, consider using recording software to ensure better control over the recording process. Some options include Audacity (free and open-source), Adobe Audition, GarageBand (Mac), or Voice Memos (iOS).(Communications Project Essay Example)
  3. Prepare the Environment: Choose a quiet space where you can minimize background noise. Close windows, doors, and turn off any noisy appliances like fans or air conditioning.(Communications Project Essay Example)
  4. Set Up the Microphone: If you’re using an external microphone, connect it to your computer or smartphone according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Make sure it’s securely connected and positioned appropriately.(Communications Project Essay Example)
  5. Adjust Microphone Settings: On your computer or smartphone, open the audio settings and select the microphone you’ll be using. Adjust the input volume to an appropriate level. You can perform a test recording and listen back to check the audio quality.(Communications Project Essay Example)
  6. Position the Microphone: Place the microphone at an optimal distance from the sound source (your voice or the intended sound). This distance may vary based on the microphone type and its specifications.
  7. Open Recording Software (If Using): If you’re using recording software, open it on your computer. Create a new audio project or track.(Communications Project Essay Example)
  8. Test Recording: Before starting the actual recording, do a quick test recording. Speak or produce the sound you’ll be analyzing to ensure the microphone is capturing it properly.
  9. Start Recording: Once you’re satisfied with the microphone placement and settings, start the actual recording. Keep a consistent distance from the microphone and maintain a steady tone and volume level while speaking or producing the desired sound.(Communications Project Essay Example)
  10. Perform Recording: Perform the audio that you want to analyze. If you’re speaking, enunciate clearly. If you’re recording a specific sound, ensure it’s captured without distortion or interference.
  11. Stop Recording: When you’re finished recording, stop the recording in the software or on your device.
  12. Save the Recording: Save the recorded audio file using an appropriate name and format (such as WAV or MP3). Make sure to save it in a location where you can easily find it later.(Communications Project Essay Example)
  13. Review the Recording: Listen to the recorded audio file to ensure the quality is satisfactory and the intended sound is captured accurately.
  14. Transfer (If Using a Smartphone): If you recorded on a smartphone, transfer the audio file to your computer for analysis. You can use email, cloud storage, or a USB connection for this purpose.(Communications Project Essay Example)
  15. Analyze the Audio: Depending on your analysis goals, you can use various software tools to analyze the audio. This might involve checking for specific patterns, frequencies, or anomalies in the sound.(Communications Project Essay Example)
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Remember that the quality of your recording environment and equipment can significantly impact the accuracy of your analysis. Always strive for the best possible recording conditions to obtain reliable results

(Communications Project Essay Example)


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