cognitive-behavioral therapy Comprehensive nursing essay example

cognitive-behavioral therapy Comprehensive nursing essay example

As a directive, time-limited, structured approach to treating various disorders, cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) seeks to alleviate the patient’s distress by developing more adaptive cognitions and behaviors. Consequently, this post uses Jill’s case study to demonstrate why a practitioner should utilize the most appropriate interventions and guidelines for specific individual conditions using the best evidence-based intervention currently available. Jill, the patient in the case scenario, is a 32-year-old Afghanistan war veteran. She had been experiencing post-traumatic symptoms for over five years after she consistently avoided thoughts and images of witnessing her fellow soldiers being hit by an improvised explosive devise while in combat. (cognitive-behavioral therapy Comprehensive nursing essay example)

cognitive-behavioral therapy Comprehensive nursing essay example
cognitive-behavioral therapy Comprehensive nursing essay example 1

Short Summary

The therapist in context selects the cognitive restructuring technique to challenge the thought process Jill embraces. According to Saptura (2017), the cognitive restructuring technique challenges irrational and harmful thought processes like those exhibited by Jill. The cognitive restructuring process commences with a series of questions that the therapist uses at the beginning of the session. The series of questions is known as Socratic questioning, and their use helps to identify what Jill should have or could have done to prevent the harm inflicted on her friends or at least prevent them from dying (Kazantzis et al., 2014).(cognitive-behavioral therapy Comprehensive nursing essay example)

Secondly, the therapist utilizes catastrophizing questions. Under this questioning technique, the worst-case scenario is outlined before the professional uses it to discuss the truck protocol and present the what-if scenario as Jill analyzes the information. Practical application of catastrophizing questioning assists in the insightful evaluation of the patients’ thoughts and helps her formulate a rational conclusion. This development of a new thought process helps Jill evaluate the scenario and her perspective and, most importantly, change her views regarding the demise of her fellow soldiers (Larson et al., 2016). The positive change in the views would be instrumental in changing her dysfunctional thought from whence the PTSD stems.(cognitive-behavioral therapy Comprehensive nursing essay example)

Implementing CBT into Clinical Practice

Existing literature demonstrates that evidence-based therapies in mental health are highly effective in treating and managing mental health disorders like anxiety, depression, and PTSD (Cucciare et al., 2016). The backbone of CBT implementation in clinical practice entails working with a mental health counselor to engage in talk therapy by attending some limited sessions. CBT is expected to help the individual become aware of their dysfunctional thinking so that one can view challenging situations sincerely and respond to them more effectively. Implementing CBT involves recognizing troubling situations or situations in the patient’s life, like a divorce or medical condition. Next, the client becomes aware of their thoughts, feelings, and beliefs regarding the problem and ultimately recognizes the inaccurate or negative thinking. Finally, the therapist encourages the client to ask oneself whether one’s views are factual or premised on some inaccurate perception, followed by reshaping the inaccurate or negative thinking once it is identified.(cognitive-behavioral therapy Comprehensive nursing essay example)

Specific Diagnoses Where Dialectic Behavior Therapy (DBT) can be used 

DTB is a structured treatment option for outpatient care using CBT principles and can treat Para-suicidal behavior in females diagnosed with borderline personality disorder (May et al., 2016). Dialectical refers to conflicting ideas as the patient embraces change and acceptance as components of their improvement. Toms et al. (2019) observe that other diagnoses where DBT can be applied are eating disorders, attention hyperactivity disorder, and primary trichotillomania.(cognitive-behavioral therapy Comprehensive nursing essay example)

To sum up, as mental health providers, we have to utilize disorder-specific protocols to resolve different cognitive and behavioral maintenance factors. This usage is because CBT adherents contend that maladaptive cognitions like schemas about the self, the world, and the future generate the problematic cognitions that cause the patient emotional distress and dysfunctional behaviors.(cognitive-behavioral therapy Comprehensive nursing essay example)

cognitive-behavioral therapy Comprehensive nursing essay example
cognitive-behavioral therapy Comprehensive nursing essay example


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cognitive-behavioral therapy Comprehensive nursing essay example
cognitive-behavioral therapy Comprehensive nursing essay example 2

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