Clinical Practice Guideline Template

Clinical Practice Guideline Template


Appraisal Guide

Recommendations of a Clinical Practice Guideline






What group or groups produced the guideline?

What does the guideline address? Clinical questions, conditions, interventions?

What population of patients does the guideline address?

Did the panel use existing SRs or did it conduct its own?

What clinical outcomes was the guideline designed to achieve?

What are the main recommendations?

What system was used to grade the recommendations?


Was the panel made up of people with the necessary expertise?  Yes   No   Not clear

Are the goals for developing the guideline explicit and clear?  Yes   No   Not clear

*Does the guideline production process include all the widely

recognized steps?  Yes   No   Not clear

*Were the SRs used of high quality?  Yes   No   Not clear

Are differences in evidence for subpopulations recognized?  Yes   No   Not clear

*Is the evidence supporting each

recommendation graded or stated as adequate to strong?  Yes   No   Not clear

Is the guideline current? (based on

issue date and date of most recent evidence included)  Yes   No   Not clear

Are the recommendations credible?  Yes All   Yes Some   No

Clinical Significance

Are essential elements of any recommended action or intervention clearly stated?  Yes   No   Not clear

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Clinical practice guideline template
Clinical Practice Guideline Template

*Is the magnitude of benefit associated with each recommendation clinically important?  Yes   No   Not clear

*Is the panel’s certainty or confidence in each recommendation clear?  Yes   No   Not clear

Were patient concerns, values, and risks addressed?  Yes   No   Not clear

Were downsides or costs of each recommendation addressed?  Yes   No   Not clear

Was the guideline reviewed by outside experts and a member of the public or field tested?  Yes   No   Not clear

Are the recommendations clinically significant?  Yes All   Yes Some   No


Does the guideline address a problem, weakness, or decision we are examining in our setting?  Yes   No

Did the research evidence involve patients similar to ours, and was the setting similar to ours?  Yes   No   Some

What changes, additions, training, or purchases would be needed to implement and sustain a clinical protocol based on these conclusions? Specify.



*Is what we will have to do to implement the new protocol realistically achievable by us (resources, capability, commitment)?  Yes   No   Not clear

Which departments and/or providers will be affected by a change? Specify.



*How will we know if our patients are benefiting from our new protocol? Specify.



Are the recommendations applicable to our situation?  Yes All   Yes Some   No

Should we proceed to design a protocol based on these recommendations?  Implement All   Implement Some   No

* = Important criteria




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