Child Protection Laws in New Jersey – Week 3 Discussion

This article covers a sample discussion about Child Protection Laws in New Jersey.


Week 3 Discussion

Respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words:

  • To what extent should the law criminalize cyberstalking, cyber harassment, and cyberbullying? Where do you think the line should be drawn? What do you think the appropriate consequences should be?

Wk 3 – Protective Order Individual Assignment

Assignment Content

Research the law in your state or a state with which you are familiar on protective orders, and identify who is covered and who is not.

Write a 350- to 700-word position statement to a state legislator recommending improvements to the law. Articulate solid arguments to support your recommendations based on best practices and victim rights and protection.


Consider the following questions:

In general, is the person identified in the order under correctional supervision? Would that change your recommendations for improving the law?

Include a discussion of the duration or scope of coverage.

Include at least three scholarly references cited according to APA guidelines.

To locate scholarly referenced content follow this link to the University of Phoenix Library: your position statement consistent with APA

Wk 3 Team – Child Protection Laws [due Mon]

Assignment Content

Research the child protection laws and policies in your state or a state with which you are familiar.

Write a 300- to 450-word paper analyzing the laws and policies of child protection.

Include answers to the following questions in your paper:

What protections do the laws and policies provide currently?

What are the benefits of these protections?

What are the limitations?

Format your paper according to APA guidelines.


Child Protection Laws in New Jersey

            Chapter 9:6 of New Jersey Laws and regulations on abandoning, abusing, or neglecting children lays out the regulations and policies about protecting children (Jonson-Reid et al., 2017). The laws and policies protect children against any form of physical or emotional abuse that is likely to harm and demoralize them, thereby threatening their emotional and physical health. Also included are social deprivations isolating children from society, abandoning them, or any form of an unlawful and immoral act performed in front of the child that is likely to disorient their emotional structure. Collins (2018) observes that the state has an established and effective Child Protection System safeguarding the rights and safety of children.

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Child Protection Laws in New Jersey
Child Protection Laws in New Jersey


            The laws and policies highlighted in chapter 9 of the state laws are beneficial to the well-being of children (Collins, 2018). The benefits include;

  • The New Jersey statute, N.J.S. 9:6-8.10a, requires court records to be kept confidential, thereby protecting children’s personal information from being leaked. This shields them from intimidation by third parties that could jeopardize their safety.
  • The statute on abuse reporting makes it mandatory for citizens to report any child abuse or neglect concern to the Department of Child Protection and Permanency (DCPP). Through this, many children are rescued from their abusive parents or guardians.
  • The limited exception on confidentiality allows the DCPP to register severe findings such as death or sexual assault to the Child Abuse Record Information database enabling other child protection agencies to view the cases (Jonson-Reid et al., 2017). Through this, the other agencies can make recommendations and upgrade their approaches towards ensuring the safety of the children.
  • The state’s policies allow for treatment interventions such as clinical treatment and counseling of abused children trapped in domestic violence to remedy the harm they received and prevent or minimize future occurrences and negative consequences of child mistreatment.
  • Section: 9:6-8.75 on the task force about child abuse and neglect reviews practices, policies and develops recommendations on effective ways of improving the quality of child protection and preventive services. This helps ensure the safety of children who risk being abused or neglected.


            Despite having substantial benefits, the laws and policies present several limitations. They include;

  • The confidentiality of information about abused children makes it difficult for the public to understand the transparency of the cases; thus, accountability becomes difficult when corrupt officials thwart away the cases.
  • The law allows children protective services to lead criminal investigations and determine whether or not to remove them from harm’s way. Their response time might be delayed forcing the child into further mistreatment.


Collins, M.E. (2018). Comparative analysis of state policymaking in child welfare: Explaining policy choices. Journal of Comparative Policy Analysis: Research and Practice, 20(4), 370-386

Jonson-Reid, M., Drake, B., Kohl, P., Guo, S., Brown, D., McBride, T., … & Lewis, E. (2017). What do we really know about usual care child protective services?. Children and Youth Services Review, 82, 222-229.

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