10-2 Journal: Critical Reflection Change Effort Nursing Paper Example 📝 

Critical Reflection on Preparation for Change Effort Nursing Paper Example

Here’s a critical reflection on the Preparation for Change Effort Nursing Paper example to help you get started.

I have gained knowledge and skills integral to effective leadership by understanding the importance of trusting the employee teams.

I am prepared to trust the employees under my leadership to perform tasks appropriately and as scheduled.

Besides, I have learned the importance of delegating tasks to encourage trust and respect among my peers to perform change effort milestones (Kumkale, 2022) effectively.

Work delegation enhances respect and motivates employees to perform their duties productively throughout the change effort (Change Effort-Nursing Paper Examples).

change effort-nursing Paper Examples
Change Effort-Nursing Paper Example

I have also learned to effectively develop practical solutions to emerging problems during change effort implementation, such as resolving employee conflicts before they affect productivity. The

Therefore, I can add value to the change effort through leadership skills like strategic decision-making and inspiring employee trust. These skills can improve performance and alignment of change effort objectives with the organization’s culture and vision (Kumkale, 2022).

Preparation-Position of Leadership

I have acquired skills relevant to leading organizational change efforts, such as agility and adaptability, which influence accountability and assumption of leadership responsibilities (Kumkale, 2022).

I can adequately perform leadership roles by establishing appropriate plans for executing leadership roles based on internal and external organizational changes (Change Effort-Nursing Paper Examples).

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Besides, I can develop productive employee teams by enhancing relationship-building with the employees. I can inspire trust, making it easy to create strong, trustful, and authentic employee relationships for improved performance during change effort implementation (Marr, 2022).

Additionally, I can improve employee engagement and efficiency through motivation. I can effectively identify and implement motivating factors that inspire employees to execute the change effort milestones, such as recognizing and rewarding employee achievements (Marr, 2022) (Change Effort-Nursing Paper Examples).


I have learned effective leadership skills, such as motivation, strategic thinking, and effective communication, to drive organizational change. These skills are necessary to align employee performance with the vision and objectives of the change effort, leading to positive outcomes.

Besides, I have learned about change effort implementation based on Kotter’s model of change. Lagi and Abocejo (2021) explain that the model describes the eight steps necessary for change effort implementation.

These steps include creating urgency, forming a powerful coalition, creating a vision for change, communicating vision, removing obstacles, creating short-term wins, building on the change, and anchoring the change in organizational culture. I have also learned about organizational conflict management styles, such as accommodating, competing, avoiding, collaborating, and compromising (Wilkin & Pathak, 2022). These conflict management styles are integral in change effort implementation since they facilitate prompt resolution of emerging problems among employees, resulting in improved productivity (Change Effort-Nursing Paper Examples).


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