Ch. 10 Homework

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Assignment 1


SEE-I Ch. 10 – Chapter 10 Lecture Slides.pdf – CLASS BOOK HERE – (Understanding Human Communication / Edition 13)

File Types pdf; and doc

This homework assignment does not need to answered in the SEE-I format, however it should be a paragraph (4 sentences) in length and include key terms from chapter 10 to define and describe in your response.

Discuss a time in your life when you feel like you managed conflict effectively. Give an example of how you used effective and/or ineffective conflict management strategies in managing this conflict.


For information regarding how to write a SEE-I please see the handout – located here.


Chapter 10 Video Lecture (38 minutes) –


Assignment 2


You can improve your skill at increasing creativity in group discussions by trying the approaches described in your textbook as well as the Ted Talk assigned to this section. Begin by choosing one of the following problems to solve:

  1. How can out-of-pocket student expenses (e.g., books, transportation) be decreased?
  2. How can textbooks you are using in this (or any other) class be improved?
  3. What strategies can be used effectively when you are confronted with employer discrimination or harassment? (Assume you want to keep the job.)
  4. Imagine that you have been hired to develop a way of improving the course registration system at your institution. What three recommendations will be most effective?

Choose either brainstorming or the nominal group technique to develop possible solutions to your chosen problem. Explain why you chose the method. Under what conditions would the other method be more appropriate?

Your response should be 1-2 paragraphs (4-8 sentences) in length.


Chapter Video: How Boredom Can Lead To Your Most Brilliant Ideas (16 minutes) – Lecture Article: NONE


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