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Nurses play a vital role in promoting the health and well-being of people and communities. Nurses’ responsibilities include direct patient care, health promotion, disease prevention, research, establishing healthcare standards, and directing complex health systems. Nonetheless, they require appropriate resources to accomplish their tasks in healthcare delivery. Therefore, the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention provides the resources necessary to enhance and improve nurses’ quality of care delivery and patient experiences. This paper aims to identify one of the resources on the CDC Wonder website and describe how nurses use the information in their practice. The essay will identify how telehealth nurses benefit from these resources and analyze innovative ideas linked to the website.(CDC wonder Essay Example)

Identify one of the Resources at the CDC Wonder site above and describe how a Nurse might use this Information in Practice.

CDC Wonder is an online system disseminating public health information, including data, reports, and statistics. The system makes CDC’s resources accessible to healthcare professionals and the general public members. Nurses incorporate CDC resources into their professional practice to improve health outcomes. One of the primary resources nurses use entails health practice, promotion, and prevention guidelines (CDC, 2023). For instance, MCHFP nurses can obtain information about current assisted reproductive technology, births, defects, infant deaths, healthy pregnancy and childhood, and pregnancy risk assessment and monitoring systems to improve the practice. The nurses can also access disease control and prevention guidelines that aid them in curbing potential risks that lead to diseases and injuries among people or communities. Subsequently, nurses can obtain information on current disease trends, risk factors, and prevalence to offer health care promotion.(CDC wonder Essay Example)

How might Nurses Utilizing Telehealth Benefit from these Resources?

Telehealth services use digital information systems and technological devices such as mobiles and computers to provide healthcare remotely. The health providers and the patients do not have to meet face-to-face, thus reducing time wastage and transport expenses and allowing service provision which is effective, accessible, and affordable (Mahoney, 2020). As such, the CDC Wonder website provides telehealth nurses with the information required to provide quality care. The resources provide statistical health care information that telehealth nurses can innovatively incorporate into their services through computer and mobile devices’ applications. The resources also ensure accurate healthcare delivery and patient monitoring into an effective electronic healthcare system allowing nurses to meet their patients’ needs.(CDC wonder Essay Example)

What I Found Innovative about the Link

I found the CDC Wonder link innovative and easy to access. Specifically, the display of the website was well-organized and only had relevant information to prevent any form of clutter. The main menu was easy to navigate as it contained the main topic arranged alphabetically and could be easily accessible by clicking on it. Additionally, the topics’ data were classified into various categories making it easier to access. For instance, there were categories for deaths, disease and disability, infectious conditions, chronic conditions, exposures, outbreaks, weekly reports and health promotion, and surveillance. The information on this website was also easy to comprehend as it was classified based on topic area, timeframe, location, and a given population.(CDC wonder Essay Example)

Nursing Innovation Ideas

Nurses should be innovative in addressing complex healthcare problems while identifying solutions to improve healthcare. One primary innovation strategy for nursing innovation entails streamlining and automating work processes (Clipper, 2022). For instance, nurses should use current digital tools to improve their practice. The use of telemedicine ensures that healthcare is accessible and affordable for diverse patients. Second, adopting electronic health records improves the efficiency as health professionals can access patients’ data easily. Patients’ data is also protected from unauthorized persons. Therefore, innovative ideas should improve the connection between patients and their providers with less expense and hassle, thus promoting healthier people and communities.(CDC wonder Essay Example)

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