Presentation Outline – Identify resources which facilitate safe and effective transitions of care for older adults

Your supervisor at Rasmussen Home Health Services is satisfied with the resources described in your annotated bibliography about Hypertension and is eager for you to continue your work. As a next step, your supervisor wants you to develop and share the following items with them.(Care for older adults essay example)

  1. Write an introduction about your in-service presentation topic.
  2. Create an outline that identifies and describes the important content areas for your in-service presentation topic.
  3. Write a conclusion.
  4. Provide an APA formatted References list that contains at least 2 credible references that you intend to cite in your presentation.

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Identify resources which facilitate safe and effective transitions of care for older adults

Identify resources which facilitate safe and effective transitions of care for older adults

Care for older adults essay example

There are many things which can be done to make the transition of care for older adults as safe and painless as possible. Here are a few resources which can be helpful in this process:

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1. The National Association for Home Care and Hospice (NAHC) provides a variety of resources, including a guide to safe transitions of care.

2. AARP has an online toolkit on making transitions of care smoother for caregivers.

3. The American Geriatrics Society has a guide to creating a successful transition plan for older adults.

4. The Alzheimer’s Association provides tips on how to talk with your loved one about their impending dementia diagnosis and care. (Care for older adults essay example)

5. The National Center on Elder Abuse offers information on how to identify abuse and neglect, and how to protect seniors from these problems.

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Related FAQs

1. What actions would you take to ensure a successful transition of care for the patient family and healthcare team?

Focus on the patients’ and family caregivers’ needs, preferences, and goals. utilize interdisciplinary teams guided by evidence-based protocols. improve communication among patients, family caregivers, and providers. use information systems, such as electronic medical records, that can span traditional settings.

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2. What were the original goals of the transitions of care program?

The aims of the care transitions program were to (1) educate patients about their health condition, including red flags, and teach self-monitoring of chronic disease; (2) perform a medication reconciliation and create an up to date medication list; (3) ensure timely physician follow up;

3. What is the primary purpose of a transitional care program?

The goal of the transitional care unit is to assist in recovery by providing the nursing and rehabilitative care necessary to help you or your family member regain a certain level of independence. Depending on the condition, the care may include: Rehabilitative, restorative, or skilled care.

4. What should a nurse first instruct an older adult to do when the older adult is beginning an exercise program?

What should the nurse first instruct the older adult to do when the older adult is starting an aerobics program? Start with low intensity and moderate impact. What principle is least related to promoting health and preventing certain disabilities in older adults?

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