Capstone Reflective Journal and Capstone Change Projects Topics/ week 1

1. On the Reflective Journal, week 1, reflects on the topic of Inter-professional collaboration. My thought on the first week, I am stressed and excited because I am taking my last class to complete my BSN degree and I am stress at work due of staff shortage and poor management. I find this class very interesting, it help to realize various of caring for patients. I like that I am researching a topic for evidence-based projects.  I feel that my degree will prepare me to be more efficient in my career. To complete this course, I have to take time off from work. 

2. Capstone Change Projects Topics – I am thinking in the study of 1. prevention of diabetes among young adults, 2. the importance of point-of-care-testing, 3. caring for dementia patient using non-pharmacological methods. 4. childhood obesity. 5. the importance of colonoscopy screening among african american male at age 45. I love all the topics that I have chosen and I discussed them with my preceptor. I mostly like childhood obesity and the importance of colonoscopy since they are field that I have experienced into. 

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