Capstone Change Project Objectives-Nursing Essay Examples

Capstone Change Project Objectives

My capstone change project focuses on implementing change toward preventing HAIs among hospitalized patients in a hospital setting. The change project aims to: (Capstone Change Project Objectives).

To identify the causes of HAIs in a hospital setting.

The project will identify potential causes of  HAIs as a strategy for devising prevention and management strategies.

To identify the consequences of HAIs on the quality of care and patient safety.

Comprehension of HAI effects will be instrumental in improving care quality that leads to patient safety.

To implement an evidence-based intervention directed towards preventing and managing HAIs. Evidence-based care bundles can be proposed as the most appropriate intervention to curb HAIs in a hospital setting (Capstone Change Project Objectives).

To provide education and training to nurses, other healthcare professionals, patients, and families/caregivers on implementing evidence-based practice to prevent and manage HAIs.

The project will educate the relevant stakeholders on the processes, procedures, and standards for implementing evidence-based care bundles during care delivery.

How the Objectives Advocate for Social Justice and Autonomy

In healthcare, autonomy relates to the right of competent adult patients to make informed decisions concerning their care. Therefore, nurses and healthcare professionals should involve the patients while making decisions to ensure they align with their needs, values, and preferences (Gómez-Vírseda et al., 2020). This project will promote autonomy by creating awareness about the project for all the patients. The project will also educate patients about the proposed intervention and potential implementation strategies to aid their decision-making (Capstone Change Project Objectives).

Capstone Change Project Objectives
the Objectives Advocate for Social Justice and Autonomy

Subsequently, social justice aims to provide quality care to all people to maintain the highest level of wellness and health across communities. Healthcare equity promotes access to quality care by diverse patients while eliminating health disparities (Kumanyika, 2019). The project aims to implement evidence-based intervention among all patients within the healthcare facility regardless of socioeconomic or cultural backgrounds. It also aims to prevent and manage HAIs through a patient-centered, evidence-based care bundle that will uphold the patients’ values and cultural belief systems.


Gómez-Vírseda, C., De Maeseneer, Y., & Gastmans, C. (2020). Relational autonomy in end-of-life care ethics: a contextualized approach to real-life complexities. BMC Medical Ethics21, 1-14.

Kumanyika, S. K. (2019). A framework for increasing equity impact in obesity prevention. American Journal of Public Health109(10), 1350-1357.

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