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DNA sampling is an important criminal investigation component that may be used to convict and confirm criminal suspects by placing them at a crime scene or vindicating an individual who has been accused mistakenly of committing a crime. Today, technological breakthroughs have facilitated successful DNA use, which has resounding impacts in criminal investigation fields (Budget for Grant Funding).

However, some opportunity areas remain for improving the examination and processing of the DNA evidence from the efficacy standpoint. Moreover, time-sensitivity in DNA sampling collection remains uninflated as this vital piece of presented evidence makes it possible of making or breaking the verdict.

Budget for Grant Funding
Budget for Grant Funding

Furthermore, there is a significant hindrance in solving high-volume crimes when there are various DNA samples awaiting processing. Therefore, the police department wishes to seek a grant funding of $50,000 to facilitate the implementation of a program projected to improve the examination and processing of DNA evidence collected in criminal investigations pursuit. The Police Department has projected that the $50000 would be a necessary expenditure in enabling the successful implementation of this program for over 12 months. The expenditures and their significance hence outlined in addition to an illustration of funding allocation(Budget for Grant Funding).  

Funds Allocation

The funds granted remain essential in acquiring new equipment for testing. It will help save this agency’s funds in both testing and outsourcing, along with the shipping cost of samples to another designated site for testing. Allocation of the grant also essential to training some lab technicians in an off-site(Budget for Grant Funding).

Consequently, where two technicians working full-time will comprise the primary staff in the newly established lab for DNA testing. They remain essential to acquire testing agents, supplies for sample collection, and refrigeration equipment. There will be an onsite storage system that will reduce expenditures in storage for keeping collected samples viable. Consequently, allocation of other funds to training employees on testifying and preparedness in court. The training ought to enable our agents to testify in court on their findings and how lab processes and test results validated in the courtroom setting(Budget for Grant Funding).

Improving DNA Examination and Processing

Improving this process of the collected DNA evidence is our main goal, with advancements in technology and DNA collection being the agency’s key tool in bringing justice for a couple of years. Therefore, good staff and training would be the first step in this process. The training in the department may cost approximately $9000. Off-site training remains essential since there emerge different participants from different locations. Moreover, the department would spend approximately 7000 dollars(Budget for Grant Funding).

Moreover, there will be food and a hotel to offer a place for resting and staying for the participants to rest and reenergize for them to concentrate on the training. The hotel and food would cost 1500 dollars. The department will also rent a car to facilitate movement, which costs 500 dollars. Our agencies will ensure by all means that they provide proper training and tools to improve DNA evidence examination and processing. The agency will still make this process possible by trying as much to save finances and use it in other categories(Budget for Grant Funding).

Conclusion (Budget for Grant Funding)

The decision on requesting the funds and allocating them to our budget has been made collectively by our team. Improving processing and examining collected DNA evidence is the main objective of this decision. Within the police department, currently, there is an overstock of DNA samples that need processing, yet lack of funding has limited the processing(Budget for Grant Funding).

Therefore, we have submitted a grant proposal requesting a grant proposal of $50000 to be funded for a one-year (12 months) period. The proposal’s spreadsheet provides the necessary information on allocating funds to our budget. The programs to be implemented will enable the officials in criminal justice to solve cases that languished without suspects for years. Most frequently, the DNA evidence has been the fulcrum in solving such cases (Solving Cold Cases with DNA Funding Program, n.d.)(Budget for Grant Funding)

Grant Funding Budget

Proposal ExpensesDescriptionEstimated Amount ($)
New testing equipmentCosts for acquiring new testing equipment,20000
Other equipmentThey include storage equipment such as refrigeration and sample collection supplies12000
Department trainingIt includes full-time lab technicians, staff for testifying9000
Off-site trainingIt includes off-site lab technicians, testing agents7000
Hotel and foodProvided to participants during the training1500
TransportationRented car500
Total costs 50,000


Solving Cold Cases with DNA Funding Program, (n.d.) Retrieved from https://bja.ojp.gov/program/prosecuting-cold-cases-using-dna-technology/overview

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