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Silmäasema (Brand Diagnosis)

Silmäasema today is Finland’s largest optical retail and eye health chain. It operates as a nationwide chain of eye clinics, optical stores, and online stores. The company’s strength includes its brand, eye health care, nationwide operations and customer structure. In addition, customer experience, professional personnel, cross-selling potential, locality, and S Group cooperation. Silmäasema enjoys strong synergies between its business operations which include eye hospitals and optic trade (Brand Diagnosis).

Brand Diagnosis
Silmäasema (Brand Diagnosis)

It had the largest market share in eye healthcare services in 2018, 49%. Consequently, the second-largest market share in optical retail in 2019, was 29%. Silmäasema has the largest size of eye clinic network in Finland. Primary consumers are older adults, ages 50-69. The company targets a wide variety of eyeglasses users, including those in the fashion industry and those with eye diseases. Furthermore, those who consider refractive surgery, the price-sensitive, the careless, and those who perceive quality.

The brand has a top-mind mention of spontaneous awareness in eye health care. Moreover, many people can name or recommend the brand without assistance. The company also enjoys a top-mind mention of spontaneous awareness in optical but is third in the list behind Instrumentarium and Specsavers. Silmäasema also had a high total consideration for brand attractiveness in 2018-2020, averaging above 80% (Brand Diagnosis).

The brand targets its consumer market using an effective brand positioning strategy that includes price sensitivity, quality, assortment, versatility, and loyalty benefits. Its emotional positioning is the second strongest in Finland, behind Instrumentarium. The brand aims at ensuring the “Happiest Eyes in the World.” All its services focus on vision, and it acts as a comprehensive partner for people’s vision (Brand Diagnosis).

The company offers a quality variety of services and products. It uses experts, and professional services and ensures good value for money, making it stand out from its competitors. Consequently, Its services and products are trusted and renewable. Its places of purchase are strategically located to ensure easy shopping and value for money. Furthermore, the location of eye clinical services considers consumer needs, ensuring that the right solutions are available for everyone.

The brand obtains its power from communication levels and channels that are tactical, inspirational, raise brand awareness, and foster customer loyalty. Brand awareness strategies ensure strength, use expertise, and target consumer emotions. Brand awareness channels include TV, movies, videos, and influencers. Silmäasema uses relevant and inspirational content that spreads through videos, digital and social media platforms, magazines, and influencers(Brand Diagnosis).

It ensures continuous visibility through tactical campaigns to ensure it remains relevant. The campaigns are posted on newspapers, radio, digital, and social media networks. The company maintains close contact with consumers, engaging them through email, in-person meetings, and digital and social media platforms. Its marketing and stores help it realize additional sales and nurture existing customers.

The company lists computer work, genetics, age, illness, blood pressure and diabetes. Consequently, lists lifestyle, UV radiation, and environmental stress as the risk factors for the eyes’ well-being. Moreover, the current consumer conversations include an aging Finland population increasing the demand for eye health services and an increase of short-sightedness in children. Furthermore, the impact of technology, and an increase in eye problems such as glaucoma, and dry eye syndrome(Brand Diagnosis).

The brand can participate in raising awareness of the increase of short-sightedness among children, which is also recent and new consumer anxiety. Lifestyle is the primary contributing factor. Factors such as spending less time outside increased close-up looking, and increased use of computers and smartphones contribute to the high number of short-sighted children(Brand Diagnosis).

The company estimates that half of the current children will be short-sighted. Consequently, the company can engage in this conversion by increasing public education on the risk factors and urging parents to minimize the time their children spend on TV, computers, and smartphones, and encourage them to go out. The company has the best eye specialists in the country. It can take advantage of this aspect and increase examinations and interventions per year, focusing on children(Brand Diagnosis).

It can also tap on its effective technology to ensure proactive care and increase surgeries to improve the quality of life among children. Other engagement strategies include providing high-quality consumer information, long treatment paths, more efficient action models, remote diagnosis, and using machines and AI in testing. Finally, capitalization on this issue will help the brand increase market share in eye health care(Brand Diagnosis).       

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