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Understanding Roy’s Adaptation Model: A Guide for Nursing Students

Nursing theories are crucial in guiding patient care, providing a framework for understanding patient needs, and developing effective nursing interventions. One such theory is Roy’s Adaptation Model (RAM), developed by Sister Callista Roy, a nursing theorist and educator. This model is widely used in nursing to assess patient needs, develop interventions, and evaluate patient outcomes. […]

Understanding Health as Expanding Consciousness: Margaret Newman

Nursing is a profession that focuses on the care and well-being of individuals, families, and communities. As such, nurses must deeply understand what health means and how it can be achieved. One approach to understanding health is through the Health as Expanding Consciousness framework, developed by nursing theorist Margaret Newman . In this guide, we […]

Self-Efficacy Theory (SET): Enhancing Nursing Students’ Confidence and Competence

As a nursing student, building confidence and competence in your abilities to succeed in your academic and clinical pursuits is essential. Self-Efficacy Theory (SET) provides a framework for understanding how individuals develop and maintain their confidence in their abilities. This article will explore the key concepts of SET and its relevance in nursing education. We […]

A Guide to Classical Conditioning-Based Behaviour Therapy Techniques for Nursing Students

Behaviour therapy is a form of psychotherapy that focuses on modifying behaviour through reinforcement, punishment, and other techniques. Classical conditioning-based behaviour therapy techniques are an essential aspect of behaviour therapy, and they can be used to help patients overcome various mental health issues. Understanding these techniques can be incredibly valuable for nursing students in providing […]

The Art of Therapeutic Communication in Psychiatric Nursing: A Guide for Nursing Students

Therapeutic communication is a fundamental component of patient-centered care in psychiatric nursing. It is a specialized form of communication that emphasizes empathy, respect, and active listening to help patients explore their thoughts and feelings and to develop coping strategies to deal with their mental health issues. As a nursing student, learning effective therapeutic communication techniques […]