Health Assessment Of The Young And Middle-Aged Adult… Objectives: Discuss strategies to reduce at-risk behavior in adults. Evaluate assessment of diverse populations. Perform and document a comprehensive health assessment.

You are admitting a 19-year-old female college student to the hospital for fevers. Using the patient information provided, choose a culture unfamiliar to you and describe what would be important to remember while you interview this patient. Discuss the health care support systems available in your community for someone of this culture. If no support systems are available in your community, identify a national resource.

Health Assessment Of The Young And Middle-Aged Adult… Objectives: Discuss strategies to reduce at-risk behavior in adults. Evaluate assessment of diverse populations. Perform and document a comprehensive health assessment.

Health Assessment of the Young and Middle-Aged Adults

Cultural factors are important to consider when assessing a patient’s health. The factors provide a framework for nurses to approach the assessment without infringing on the patient’s cultural beliefs. For example, when assessing a 19-year-old Muslim woman, the nurse must remember to minimize eye and physical contact with the lady if the nurse is a man (Attum et al., 2018). Besides, if married, the male nurse should interview the lady through the spouse to reduce contact. Additionally, the nurse should assess the patient in the presence of another person, mostly a female person, to make the patient comfortable responding to the questions. Saherwala et al. (2021) explain that privacy must be considered throughout the assessment, including when the patient is wearing full-body garments and exposing only the eyes. The nurse must request permission before removing any body covering during the physical examination.(Agewise Health Assessment Essay-Example)

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Healthcare Support Systems

Culturally competent healthcare support systems have been established to cater to the needs of different cultures. For example, the Exceptional Children’s Assistance Center (ECAC) in North Carolina offers culturally competent health support for children. (Family Voices, 2018). Muslims in this center benefit from Islamic-oriented services like translators, gelatin, or alcohol-free medications. Besides, the University of Maryland Medical Center offers Islamic-oriented health support. Muslim patients admitted to the facility are given halal meals and ritual supplies like prayer rugs (UMCC, 2022). The facility also allows patients to celebrate holidays like Ramadan, including rooms for Wudu rituals. Furthermore, Jefferson health facility also provides culturally competent care. The hospital upholds the cultural beliefs of Muslim patients admitted to the facility by allowing access to private rooms for prayer (Jefferson Health, 2019). It also provides Halal food and translation services, including allowing patients to be attended to by nurses of the same gender.(Agewise Health Assessment Essay-Example)

Agewise Health Assessment Essay-Example


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