advance practice nursing roles

Please review the guidelines and associated rubric (Review your Turn It In Report to make sure that you have not plagiarized). I do understand that some of this paper will repeat information that you have submitted previously. This should be obvious in the Turn it In Report.

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Based on your program of study, review the literature and address the following: 50 pts

    • FNP/AGNP:Medicare reimbursement for NPs is 85%for the same health care that MDs receive at 100% reimbursement? Please address questions below and state your position on this mandate.
    • FNP/AGNP:What states have NP Full Practice Authority and which states have limitations or restrictions? How does this apply to your state? Please address questions below and state your position on this regulation.
    • Nurse Executive: What is value based care and how will it impact decisions made at the executive level relative to nursing and AP nursing? Please address and state your position on the regulation.
    • Nurse Informaticists:What law(s) was enacted to regulate health information? Please address questions below and state your position on this regulation.
    • Nurse Educator:What agency regulates nursing education?  Explain in detail.

For the above category chosen, address the following:

      • Describe the current policy or trends and determine if it needs to change; if opposed to change state why 12.5 pts
      • Provide the process required to make the change with key players and parties of interest; support opposition 12.5 pts
      • Explain how you could lead the effort to make or influence the change in policy or keep the policy the same and the impact in healthcare quality. 12.5 pts
  • Conclusion-Summarize your role paper by highlighting key points made in your paper. 12.5 pts
  • Graduate level writing 25 pts
  • APA formatting 25 pts

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