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The American University of Kuwait (AUK) (Admission Essay)

The educational and cultural aspects of AUK are a great motivation for any student who wants to join. I was also motivated by AUK’s methods, standards, and model of learning which are consistent with course concepts, making it easier for students to understand and apply. The instructional language is English, which I am comfortable speaking. The education is based on an American college model I am more familiar with (Admission Essay).

Admission Essay
The American University of Kuwait

AUK offers high-quality education to students. AUK focuses on creating a caring environment offering attention and support to foster student development. The learning approaches and the courses are designed to prepare learners and equip them with critical thinking, problem-solving, and communication skills for the contemporary world. The education system is suited to help students fulfill their educational goals and gain critical thinking skills to apply in their specific fields and future careers.

The highly qualified staff with international teaching experience motivated me to apply for AUK because they would streamline my adaptation as an international student. Most staff have either a Ph.D. or a terminal degree. As a student, I prefer a small class size, and at AUK, the number of students per class ranges from 10 to 39 students, making student-professor interaction easier(Admission Essay).  

I believe my time as an AUK student will help fulfill my future career goals. It will help improve my academic skills, self-discipline, and stress management techniques. AUK’s employment program and internship provide the opportunity for students to acquire professional experience. The university’s extracurricular activities enable students to develop their talents and ensure personal health and fitness (Admission Essay).

They also learn to be active and involved society members. AUK is a liberal arts institution and has programs that equip students with the knowledge and skills required for lifelong learning and career success. Furthermore, The learning environment fosters critical thinking, personal growth, leadership, and effective communication in students, enriching society. The students also receive multicultural training, essential for my future career.

The academic career will improve my cultural understanding and will allow me to work in a diverse environment. Consequently, to discuss a range of issues ensuring cultural awareness. After completion of my academic period, I believe I will contribute and add value to the community and the world. Moreover, the AUK’s learning environment allows students to interact freely and collaborate with researchers and activists from all over the world, engagingly enhancing their creativity(Admission Essay).

My personality and character will contribute positively to the AUK’s community. I remain determined and passionate to be successful in academics and contribute to the institution’s success. Students are vital contributors and partners in the university’s strategic output. My experience as a student can help the university in value creation. Hence, working closely with other students and the staff. More so, to develop effective corporate strategies impactful to us students and the university (Admission Essay).

I am also full of ideas that can impact other people, especially fellow students. I believe in involving students as co-creators in developing things that the university, students, and staff can identify with. Students are critical change-makers, and every student should help make positive changes in their institution. As a student, I like working with staff members and conversing with student groups. Thus, creating a strong union characterized by trust. I encourage fellow students to voice their concerns to shape the institution’s strategies that affect them. Students should have a platform to debate and share ideas with staff at the university.    

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